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Almost Famous: The Other Fab Four
Publisher:  The New York Times - Video
Friday, 20 December 2019 11:23

In the mid-1960s, four teenagers from Liverpool were changing the face of pop music. Their names were Mary, Sylvia, Pam and Val. By Ben Proudfoot. Read the story here:

Cast: The New York Times

Almost Famous: Kim I Am
Publisher:  The New York Times - Video
Monday, 16 December 2019 18:43

Kim Hill was a rising singer. She met a young rapper named The rest is history — or is it? By Ben Proudfoot. Read the story here:

Cast: The New York Times

The Goalkeepers Reports
Publisher:  TIME Video
Thursday, 31 October 2019 17:36

Cast: TIME Video

Gudrun Von Laxenburg - Revolution (Official Music Video)
Publisher:  1nspirational
Sunday, 27 October 2019 17:05

- A dystopic future. The love between two working drones ignites the courage among the people to revolt against the system built on oppression and police violence.-

Gudrun von Laxenburg, an experimental three-piece electronic band from Austria, just signed their debut album, Panic!, with Skint BMG. Off that record, “Revolution� hits like a flurry of electronic elements not unlike those of EOTO and similar technologically advanced jam bands.

Alongside the single comes a music video representative of that dystopian storyline, complete with cloaked figures, barking dogs, and expressionless civilians on a mission to unhinge and depose their oppressors. On the song, GVL reveal that it was a message for the current state of police affairs around the world. “Irrational police brutality and ruthless leadership is everywhere around us,� they write. “At the time we wrote the track ‘Revolution’, the media was full of it all around the globe.�

“What we had in mind when we started working on ‘Revolution’ was to tell a story of change,� the director, Sebastian Mayr, elaborates on the concept. “A single person’s decision sets a chain reaction of events in motion which eventually ignites some sort of turnover,� “Not only do the protagonists unintentionally start a revolution because their actions are driven by love… they are also cyborgs – theoretically incapable of experiencing emotions.�

Read an article via "Directors Notes" here:
Michael Neulinger
Heidrun Wehl
Erec Hesse
Lennart Lemster
Tina Haller

Sebastian Mayr
Michael Podogil

Matthias Pötsch

Executive Producer
Daniel Helmer

Gilbert Kralinger

Production Design
Zora Kats

Daniel Helmer

Make Up Artist
Kiky von Rebental

Prop Master
Zora Kats

1st ad
Helen Parkes

Extra Wrangler - Mark Gerstorfer
Extra Wrangler - Albert Meisl

1st cam Assistant Philipp Glokner
2nd Cam Assistant/Dit Bernhard Schmiidt
3rd Cam Assistant Michael Krischan

2nd unit Camera Alexander Dirninger & Gabriel Krajanek

Art department
2nd Prop Master FUB
Setdesign (riot scene) Julien Weizenhöfer
1st standby prop Djamila Grandits
2nd stand by prop Winnie Küchl
3rd Stand by Prop Lucia Bayrleitner
4th Stand by Prop Alexey Hartlieb-shea
Combatgear Zora Kats

Gaffer Alexander Dirninger
Electrician Carolina Steinbrecher
Gabriel Krajanek
Matthias Seebacher
Manuel Prett

Costume design zora kats
standby costume Anja Kohlweiss, Winnie Küchl

VFX by arx anima
art director Jens Kuczwara
vfx supervisor Martin Hebestreit
Lrc Supervicosr Ryan Dauner
Lrc Coordinator Alessandra aucello
Matte Painting Jens Juczwara
3d fx Jurian Weerkamp
Compositing Lara Cores & Simone Lanuzzi

Additional VFX
David Teichert

Unit Production Manager Ernst Golda
Production Assistant Hans-Peter Krenn
Prod. Assistant Gabriella Humer
Viola Zeindl, Nikita Leibovici, Norbert Galgoci, Pascal Kralinger, Christoph Mateka

Cast: Gudrun von Laxenburg, Daniel Helmer and Sebastian Mayr

Tags: GVL, Revolution and Gudrun Von Laxenburg

Publisher:  1nspirational
Sunday, 27 October 2019 16:53

Humanproduce presents

BMVA Berlin Music Video Awards 2015
2nd place for Best Cinematography

Mecal - Barcelona International Short and Animation Film Festival 2015
Music Videos Section

Vicious Music Awards 2014
Nominated for Best Music Video

From the album "Antípodas" (Irregular CD11, 2013)
Listen to the full album at:
Download the full album on iTunes:

Follow Boreals on:

Victor Paradis
Xavier Paradis
Miquel Serra

Haru Uechi
Sonia Lahoz
Diego Garrido
Alvaro Caviedes

Directed by
Tomás Navarro & Humanproduce

Lucas Pintos

Production company

Mauricio Pellegrinetti

Adrià Cillero

Sergi Canyellas

Camera Assistant
Albert Carreras

Filmed at Spot Barcelona

Keke García, María Ezquieta, Pierina Guittierrez, Ivan Triviño, DivisionQ, Felipe Baeza, Maria José Reimier

Cast: HUMANPRODUCE, Mauricio Baffi Pellegrinetti, Tomas Navarro, LUCAS PINTOS and Boreals

Tags: barcelona, irregular, humanproduce, nage, boreals, antípodas, borealsbcn, borealsband, borealsmusic, Manfre and Iker Iturria

Kaada - Farewell
Publisher:  1nspirational
Sunday, 27 October 2019 16:39

Director: Christian Holm-Glad
Exec.Producers: Magne Lyngner & Christian Holm-Glad
DOP: Daniel Voldheim
Production Manager: Lars Nerdal
Wardrobe: Kjersti Andreassen
Editor: Freddie Smith
Grade: Julien Alary
Post Producer: Eli Mari Sandal
Online: Ola Jacob Nestande
Online assistant: Markus Tangre
Cast: Cherish Waters, Susanne Karin Moe, Kaada, Linn Gjerstad, Patrice Demonier
Production Company: Bacon

Cast: Christian Holm-Glad

Clark • 'Peak Magnetic'
Publisher:  1nspirational
Friday, 25 October 2019 12:16

‘Peak Magnetic’, taken from Clark’s new album ‘Death Peak’, out now on Warp Records.

‘Death Peak’ is available now on Vinyl, CD, Digital and to Stream:
Buy –
Stream –

Directed and produced by Sander Houtkruijer
DOP - Albrecht von Grünhagen
Choreography - Melanie Lane and Kiani Del Valle
Dancers - Kiani Del Valle and Sophia Ndaba
Costume Design - Nadine Goepfert
Set Design - Jana Francke
1AD - Imri Kahn
Gaffer - Vitali Kunath
Make up - Maria Boman
3D Artist - Andreas Nicolas Fischer
Post Production - Sander Houtkruijer and Carlos Vasquez
Color Grading - Albrecht von Grünhagen
Motion Control by mastermoves
MoCo Artist - Heiko Matting

Cast: Warp Records

Publisher:  1nspirational
Friday, 25 October 2019 10:44

Directed by Gautier Alfirevic & Kevin Rose as part of the SupaResidency Program created by Supamonks Studio.

"After an expedition that went wrong, Chester Cornell, American Captain of the Union finds himself deeply wounded. As he is about to die, an unexpected encounter will make him face his fears and doubts".

All rights reserved. It is forbidden to broadcast, reproduce this video in whole or in part without the explicit permission of the authors.
© Gautier Alfirevic & Kevin Rose, 2019

Cast: YONA

Tags: animation, cgi, cg, art, 3D and 2D

Publisher:  1nspirational
Friday, 25 October 2019 08:47

The concept as a whole:

Three Full-CG videos forming a triptych, showcasing make-believe installations.

The piece plays with the concept of fading borders between traditional and digital mediums.
It acts as a deceitful impersonation, that tacitly involves a fictional sculptor, depicting a social critique through brutalist aesthetics.
We follow his exhibitions from industrial warehouses to art galleries, as his craft gets more established.

This is a way for me as a 3D artist, to showcase a sublimated version of my digital sculptures, and also fantasize an imaginary alter-ego.
A dimension where the director, the modeller and the sculptor are blurred out into one nebulous entity.


Emphasizing on the over-monetization and greed of the current entertainment industry, the video highlights the abusive nature, and authoritarian devices used against artists and technicians, in their work environment.

The installation displays a movie-making, chain of production. Starting from the executive producer at the top of the pyramid, and descending towards a human pile, composed of coordinators, supervisors, and collaborators of all sorts. At the very bottom of this chaotic heap, the artists are metaphorically, and literally, being crushed to the ground, by the weight of hierarchy.

The second part of the video introduces a grim rendition of a screening room, where canonical, standardized families agglutinate. They willingly swallow the newest movie, or rather product, offered to them.
On the screen is displayed the fruit of production's labor. Hundreds of millions of dollars invested, in an idea so bent and diluted, that it had become a vulgar mash up, an hybrid freak of a picture.
The families are mesmerized and delighted in that social consensus, at the fringe of a cult.
A symbol of apathy and conformism, as they involuntarily contribute to the prosperity of that system of exploitation.

This video is my most personal work up to date. It is my best shot at representing the struggle that I experienced working as a 3D artist, in that industry.
An industry that left me no free-will, little creative input, and barely any credit for my work.
Not only that it is wrong in terms of ethics; but also results in global creative lethargy, due to a higher level of inertia and artistic resignation.
This is a field that should re-shape itself, to instill in artists a will of thriving excellence, not relegate them to an expendable, miserable work force.

About the music :

For that piece we wanted to craft a repetitive and hypnotic, modal harmony, surrounding the concrete statues that the camera reveals.
By combining western orchestration techniques, choir composition, electro acoustic processes and sound design, we created a form of imaginary ritual around the installation.


Crafted and directed by Eddy Loukil

Music and Sound Design by Simon Chenaux & Yoann Denesle

Vocals by Iris Rapoport

Mix and Mastering by Pheek

Cast: Eddy Loukil

Tags: brutalist, 3D, Installation, concrete, CG and sculpture

Publisher:  1nspirational
Tuesday, 24 September 2019 15:46

Plunging into a dark place, an ant falls to the ground with a rude shock.
We follow this ant's journey through a disturbing and dangerous, yet fascinating world, and it's quest to find a way out...


Pierre Ropars :
Adrien Zumbihl :
Jérémie Cottard :
Antonin Derory :
Diane Thirault :
Matthieu Druaud :


Jordan Rees
Kévin Bardin

Awards (49)

Best Student Project Award, SIGGRAPH, CANADA
Best Animated Short Film, International Competition of Short Films "El Pecado" SPAIN
Golden Coin Award, Colombo International Student Film Festival, SRI LANKA
Best CG Film Award, Colombo International Student Film Festival, SRI LANKA
Best Look Development Award, Colombo International Student Film Festival, SRI LANKA
Best International Film, ANIFEST Short Film Competition, ENGLAND
Best Sound, ANIFEST Short Film Competition, ENGLAND
Special Jury Mention, LINOLEUM International Animation Festival, UKRAINE
Special Jury Mention, REANIMA International Animated Film Festival, NORWAY
Best Animated Short Film, Festival ENKARZINE, SPAIN
Special Mention, Festival TOURNEZ JEUNESSE, FRANCE
Jury Award, CINE’ MELIES Short Film Festiva, FRANCE
Diploma for Best Art, CINE’ MELIES Short Film Festival, FRANCE
Best Animation, HRIZANTEMA Horror & Fantasy Film Festival, SERBIA
2nd Prize, SUMMA3D International 3D Animation Short Movie Awards, SPAIN
Best VFX Award, Rouen Fantastic Film Festival, FRANCE
Best Animated Short Film, Festival de Cine del Sur, COLOMBIA
Great Ajayu Award, AJAYU International Animated Short Film Festival, PERU
Melies d'Argent, FANCINE Fantastic Film Festival, SPAIN
Jury Prize, Festival EFFETS STARS, FRANCE
Special Mention, Festival International du Film de Bruxelles, BELGIUM
Honorable Mention, ANIMANIE Festival, CZECH REPUBLIC
Honorable Mention, VIDEOBABEL Festival, PERU
Best Animation Film Award, CineMAiubit International Student Film Festival, ROMANIA
Best Animated Short Film, VIA DEI CORTI International Short Film Festival, ITALY
Special Mention, TINDIRINDIS International Animated Film Festival, LITHUANIA
Jury Prize, Festival COURT MAIS BON, FRANCE
Best 3D Animated Film, ANIMOTION Film Festival, ITALY
Special Mention, FIRST CUT International Student Film Festival, INDIA
Audience Award, Festival 7eme Lune, FRANCE
Special Mention, Festival REGARD, CANADA
Special Mention, Festival du Film Etudiant de Quebec (FFEQ), CANADA
Best Short Film, Festival CineJeune de l’Aisne, FRANCE
Best Animation Film Award, Berlin Student Film Festival,GERMANY
2nd Prize "Horizonte", Kurzfilmtage Thalmassing, GERMANY
Award for Best Special Effects, BLOODY WEEKEND Festival, FRANCE
Special Mention, CAOSTICA International Short Film Festival, SPAIN
Best Film, Toyama International Film Festival, JAPAN
Best Animation, Toyama International Film Festival, JAPAN
Special Mention, Santiago del Estero Film Festival (SEFF), ARGENTINA
PontVieux d'Or for the Best Animation, Festival du Film d’Espalion (FFE), FRANCE
Young Jury Prize for the Best Animation, Festival du Film d’Espalion (FFE), FRANCE
Best Animation Film Award, Joinville International Short Film Festival (JISFF), BRAZIL
Audience Award, CHACUN SON COURT Festival, FRANCE
Best ScienceFiction Film, SPASM Festival, CANADA
Best Animation, FANTASTIK Festival, SPAIN
Jury Prize, Kyoto International Student Film & Video Festival, JAPAN


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