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Vontaze Burfict Appears To Throw Punches Against The Vikings
Publisher:  The Daily Caller
Monday, 23 September 2019 08:10

What was he thinking?

Ex-Dallas Cop (Amber Guyger) Goes on Trial Today for Killing Unarmed Neighbor (Botham ‘Bo’ Jean)
Publisher:  EURweb
Monday, 23 September 2019 08:10

Amber Guyger - Botham Jean
*It’s about to go down. We’re referring to the trial of a former Dallas, Texas police officer accused of fatally shooting a 26-year-old man in his own apartment. Of course, there’s much more to the story. First, the ex-officer, Amber Guyger, is white and the man she killed was black and unarmed. Secondly, Guyger shot […]

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US-North Korea nuclear talks are sputtering. South Korea is furious.
Publisher:  Vox
Monday, 23 September 2019 08:10

South Korean President Moon Jae-in at a podium delivering his speech. South Korean President Moon Jae-in speaks during a ceremony to mark the 74th National Liberation Day at the Independence Hall of Korea on August 15, 2019 in Cheonan, South Korea.  | June Yeon-Je-Pool/Getty Images

“The US position has been really harmful,� said a senior adviser to South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

SEOUL — The Trump administration likes to say that all is going well with its effort to rid North Korea of its nuclear weapons. As long as Pyongyang doesn’t test long-range missiles or the bomb, negotiations remain mostly on track, President Donald Trump consistently claims.

But one country is clearly bristling at America’s management of the North Korea problem: South Korea.

That became immediately clear during my trip to Seoul this week, just days before South Korean President Moon Jae-in plans to meet with Trump at the United Nations. After chats with multiple government officials and experts, the sense in the capital is that the US proceeded with its own North Korea agenda without much thought for its staunch ally’s positions.

“We’re not at the negotiating table,� a top South Korean official told me on the condition of anonymity. “That bothers me.�

That’s not only making it harder for Washington to strike a nuclear deal with Pyongyang, these people say, but could also potentially doom Moon’s top project: improving inter-Korean ties.

Which means if the US doesn’t assuage South Korea soon — or at least make substantial progress with North Korea in the near future — the Trump administration may lose the trust of its counterparts in Seoul. And if that happens, the president’s chances of solving the North Korea crisis dwindle even further.

“The US position has been really harmful� for South Korea

The US is a key player in two major diplomatic efforts involving the Koreas. The first, getting Pyongyang to dismantle its nuclear weapons program, is the most familiar to Americans. But the second, improving relations between the North and South, is arguably just as important.

Moon wants to find ways to further integrate the two Koreas, some of which he agreed to pursue directly with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, and has bet much of his political fortune on the project. Some of the ideas include reopening joint business and tourist zones, as well as building railways and establishing more peaceful relations between the two militaries.

Working together on those things would erode long-standing mistrust between the two nations, Moon claims, and show that they don’t have to remain enemies forever.

One major obstacle to that outcome is Kim himself, who like many others in his regime believes his southern neighbors are little more than American puppets. Plus, the North and South have been separated since the 1950s after fighting a brutal war. It’s doubtful that a few joint projects would do much to erase decades of enmity, at least not right away.

But there’s another problem: many of those projects can’t begin in earnest until US and UN-led sanctions on North Korea — imposed to punish it for its growing nuclear program — are lifted. That’s unlikely to happen any time soon since the US position is that sanctions should remain in place until Pyongyang has dismantled its nuclear arsenal. North Korea, meanwhile, wants to see sanctions relief before it gives anything away.

This impasse was most evident during the second Trump-Kim summit in Hanoi earlier this year when their disagreements led both men to walk away from the table without a deal.

The Moon administration hoped that the inter-Korean dialogue could continue in the meantime, but a senior South Korean official told me that Seoul and Pyongyang haven’t talked since before the Hanoi summit.

The nuclear situation therefore remains at a standstill, and that’s at a minimum delayed any prospects for better inter-Korean ties. Some close to the government are upset about that.

“For the sake of improved US-South Korea relations, we in fact sacrificed North Korea-South Korea relations,� Moon Chung-in, a senior adviser to President Moon, told me (though he was adamant to note he wasn’t speaking for the government). “South Korean government officials got to be really frustrated� and “North Korea is now really angry.�

“The US position has been really harmful� to South Korea’s efforts, he added.

The chance for overall progress is low

The expectation is that President Moon will bring all this up with Trump next week at the United Nations, though few believe Trump will be persuaded to change his entire negotiating position based on South Korean concerns. A diplomat at the US embassy in Seoul told me the Moon administration is “naive� to think it has much influence over how America deals with North Korea.

There is a small reason for optimism, though. The US and North Korea are expected to rekindle sputtering talks later this month. That could potentially lead to some progress, and Trump may ask his negotiators to see if they can make any headway on inter-Korean issues.

The chances of that, though, are slim to none — which means South Korea is likely to stay angry at the US for some time to come.

A new Stanford study finds more gender-diverse hiring boosts companies' stock prices
Publisher:  business insider
Monday, 23 September 2019 08:10

now hiring

  • Companies that announce better-than-expected levels of gender diversity see their stocks perform better, according to a new study published by the Stanford Graduate School of Business.
  • The boosted share prices follow gender diversity announcements in the tech and finance sectors, two areas known for high levels of gender disparity in staffing.
  • Those investing in gender-diverse companies believe equitable hiring brings increased morality, fewer personality conflicts, and more innovation, among other benefits.
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Share prices jump when companies reveal gender diversity levels above investors' expectations, according to a new study published by the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Researchers at Stanford, Northwestern, Dartmouth, and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology used two field studies and a lab experiment to test correlation between company valuation and gender diversity.

Their paper noted that previous studies into the two variables found no evidence of a connection, and that it "remained unknown how, why, and when investors react to gender diversity."

The report was penned by professors David Daniels, Jennifer Dannals, Thomas Lys, and Margaret Neale.

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Gender diversity in tech

The study opens by referencing a 2014 Google diversity announcement that revealed 70% of its employees were men. Google stock fell 0.39% the day of the announcement.

The researchers projected that, had Google announced a workforce with one additional percentage point more of female representation, it would've added about $375 million to the company's market value.

The researchers set Google as a benchmark with which to study other tech companies, and measured other firms' stock performance on the days they announced their hiring data.

Since the Alphabet-owned tech giant is regarded as a leader in its field, it sets an "industry recipe" for other Silicon Valley firms. Total US market returns were used as a variable to add context to the stock movements.

The researchers found a significant positive correlation between share price and higher diversity levels than seen at Google. The team weighed stock jumps against marketwide movements, and still found that, when tech companies announced better-than-expected gender diversity, investors piled in.

Does the financial sector follow suit?

The study goes further, asking whether correlation can also be found in the financial sector. The researchers used a 2016 Financial Times article to find gender diversity data for Allstate, Bank of America, BlackRock, Citigroup, Franklin Templeton, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Legg Mason, MetLife, and Morgan Stanley.

The primary variables for this second field study were gender diversity, stock performance for the day the article was published, and total US market performance for the days before and after the publish date.

Similar to the first study, the researchers found finance-sector companies with greater gender diversity saw their stock prices rise in tandem.

Which beliefs drive investment in gender diversity?

The researchers had one more question: What drove people to invest in companies when they announced better-than-expected gender diversity?

The team gave a sample of people with past experience in managerial roles $1 to bet on whether a company's share price would rise or fall after announcing better- or worse-than-expected gender diversity. After making their bets, the participants would then link their wager to several "belief items," such as morality, creativity, conflict of ideas, and risk aversion.

The experiment found that investors significantly increased their investment in companies with higher gender diversity than the industry average. These people were more likely to bet their $1 on the share price rising after such an announcement.

The researchers also found that people investing more in diverse companies felt the firms were more likely to think outside of the box, more ethical, more ethical, less prone to personality conflicts, less likely to attract negative political attention, and more likely to litigate lawsuits instead of settling.

These six driving factors "reliably moderated" the main effect of gender diversity on investors' bets, the team said.

Overall, the studies suggest investors' positive reactions to gender diversity isn't bound to a single industry, context, or belief. The researchers theorize the positive and significant correlation could extend to any industry where "organizations rely on problem-solving teams."

"Our work implies that organizations are systematically under-investing in gender diversity, challenging existing perspectives suggesting that investors are biased against gender diversity or that the net effects of gender diversity are likely to be null," the team concluded.

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4 in 10 House Republicans in office when Trump was inaugurated have now quit or lost their seats
Publisher:  The Week
Monday, 23 September 2019 08:10

So far, 18 House Republicans have announced that they are resigning, retiring, or seeking another office, including longtime GOP stalwarts, some of the few GOP congresswoman, and the lone black Republican congressman. And that just scratches the surface, The Washington Post reports. "All told, 41 House Republicans have left national politics or announced they won't seek reelection in the nearly three years since [President] Trump took office," dwarfing the 25 Democrats who retired between 2009 and 2013, "and Republicans privately predict this is only the beginning."

"The problem for the GOP is bigger than retirements," the Post reports:

Since Trump's inauguration, a Washington Post analysis shows, nearly 40 percent of the 241 Republicans who were in office in January 2017 are gone or leaving because of election losses, retirements including former House speaker Paul D. Ryan (Wis.), and some, such as [Michigan Rep. Paul] Mitchell, who are simply quitting in disgust. The vast turnover is a reminder of just how much Trump has remade the GOP — and of the purge of those who dare to oppose him. [The Washington Post]

Most retiring or resigning GOP members of Congress cite their families, "but behind the scenes, Republicans say the trend highlights a greater pessimism about the direction of the party under Trump — and their ability to win back the House next year," the Post reports. Most are reluctant to criticize Trump on the record, but Mitchell isn't.

"We're here for a purpose — and it's not this petty, childish bulls--t," Mitchell, 62, told the Post in early September. He said his decision to retire started when Trump attack four Democratic congresswomen on Twitter, then solidified when no fellow Republicans would relay his concerns to Trump. "Did any member of this conference expect that their job would start out every morning trying to go through the list of what's happening in tweets of the day?" he asked. Read more at The Washington Post.

Mon Sep 23 '19 Announcement from Make Coffee Smarter with Mastermind's K�ld Brewer
Publisher:  Indiegogo: Announcements
Monday, 23 September 2019 08:08

Hey everyone!

I hadn't updated you because we faced minor delays in the production warehouse due to some scheduling errors on the suppliers end.   This week, we were in the process of scheduling QC of the product, but my supplier contacted me with some major issues. Almost comically (except no one is laughing), the filters aren’t threading onto the lids again...


If you watched that video, then you know we can't ship these out. 

So here's what happened. Our filter supplier gets its threaded parts from a 3rd party, and that 3rd party decided to change its thread profile.. for a 3rd time.  This issue slipped through the cracks back in June during filter production #2, and our in-factory final production QC also spectacularly failed to catch the error (even though we gave them our lids to test with).   So now we have a truckload of filters without fill lines that fit the lid wonderfully - but the filters with fill lines don’t fit... Ironic!   

But don’t worry, we are currently exploring our options! In an attempt to expedite the fix, and get your filters out to you all ASAP, we are considering making a custom steel adapter that we will permanently install over the filter's bad threading, replacing it with the proper threading. And to make sure there are no more threading issues in the future, we have already hired a dedicated company to make the filter's threaded piece with a completely custom mould, instead of piggybacking off of other existing products.   

I will have a detailed plan in place by the end of this week, and I will provide another update when we finalize a solution and have and estimated timeline in place.   Thank you all for being so patient as we work through these set backs. The end result will be worth it, we promise! Also, feel free to share any and all feedback!  

Happy Pumpkin Spice Season,  

Nick O. | Owner

PS, Like this update if you got the reference in the title!

Watch: Rookie QB Daniel Jones rallies Giants to comeback win vs. Buccaneers
Publisher:  UPI
Monday, 23 September 2019 08:08

New York Giants rookie quarterback Daniel Jones rallied his team to a victory Sunday after trailing 28-10 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, capped off with a fourth quarter rushing touchdown in the final minutes.

‘The Conners’ Introduces A New Family Member For Season 2 And The Struggle Will Be Real
Publisher:  inquisitr
Monday, 23 September 2019 08:08

Lecy Goranson in The Conners

The Conners already has a supersized cast, but Becky (Lecy Goranson) will soon have a plus one. The second season of the ABC sitcom will feature the introduction of Becky Conner’s baby, and it will be anything but easy for the struggling single mom.

In a new interview with Parade, The Conners star Lecy Goranson said he character will deal with a plethora of complications with her new role as a mother—and not just in the delivery room.

The new season of the Roseanne spinoff will focus on how Becky’s premature baby changes the dynamic in the already complicated Conner house as she juggles a pile of medical bills and full-time work as a single mom with a newborn.

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A Thomas Cook flight attendant says she only learned that the company collapsed and she lost her job on Facebook
Publisher:  business insider
Monday, 23 September 2019 08:08

thomas cook plane runway aeroplane airplane

  • A Thomas Cook flight attendant said she learned of the company's collapse and that she had lost her job from Facebook.
  • The British airline and travel company filed for bankruptcy on Monday morning, leaving 600,000 people stranded. It employed 21,000 people.
  • Louise Rudkin, a cabin crew member, tweeted: "Absolutely devastated that I have lost my job — and found out via Facebook."
  • Thomas Cook put out statements on its social media accounts on Monday, saying it "has ceased trading with immediate effect" and that none of its accounts would be monitored. 
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A Thomas Cook flight attendant said she only learned that the company had collapsed and that she lost had her job from Facebook.

The travel group and airline, which employs 21,000 people, filed for bankruptcy early on Monday morning, ceasing to trade immediately and leaving 600,000 people stranded around the world.

Louise Rudkin, a member of Thomas Cook's travel crew based in the UK, tweeted on Monday: "Absolutely devastated that I have lost my job – and found out via Facebook."


The company had signaled that it was in trouble and conducted frantic crisis talks over the weekend in a last-minute bid to stay afloat.

Rudkin tweeted on Sunday: "I love my job and I would be terribly sad if I couldn't do it anymore."


Negotiations with the British government collapsed on Sunday, and the company filed for bankruptcy early on Monday morning.

Read more: Roughly 600,000 travelers are stranded around the world after the British travel provider Thomas Cook declares bankruptcy

The company then announced on Twitter and Facebook that it "has ceased trading with immediate effect" and said that none of its accounts would be monitored.

Its website no longer exists, instead re-directing to a help page on the website of the UK's Civil Aviation Authority.

The Guardian newspaper reported that one man whose family member worked for Thomas Cook said the airline was telling people until Sunday that reports of its financial struggles were being inflated by the media.

Thomas Cook

The newspaper also reported that some passengers experienced support from emotional staff even though they had lost their jobs.

Natasha Brown, who is trying to return from England to Spain, said: "The two reps on the coach thanked us all for the holidays we'd taken with Thomas Cook. And then they started to cry."

Brian Strutton, the general secretary of the British Airline Pilots' Association, said: 'The staff have been stabbed in the back without a second's thought."

Read more: The UK expects to spend £100 million flying back stranded Thomas Cook passengers, which is only £50 million less than bailing out the company

Passengers on one Thomas Cook flight on Monday gave money to cabin crew after learning they wouldn't be paid for the flight.

The UK government has gathered 40 jets to bring the 150,000 British customers back to the UK over the next two weeks.

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'Become A Hotel Owner': HotelierCo Is The New Premier Hotel Crowdfunding Platform
Publisher:  Benzinga
Monday, 23 September 2019 08:07

HotelierCo, an Atlanta-based property crowdfunding platform, has officially started accepting investors for its first property, a luxury hotel in West Cape May.

HotelierCo is a new entrant in the space. The firm capitalizes on new funding laws, like Regulation A+, to bring investors early-stage hotel development opportunities.

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