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How To Ace College And A Career With No Student Debt: A Millennial’s Story
Publisher:  Forbes Real Time
Thursday, 21 November 2019 05:00

A young, woman welder does it her way—debt free.

This early Black Friday deal helps you save water — and the planet
Publisher:  Mashable
Thursday, 21 November 2019 05:00

TL;DR: Make your contribution towards saving the planet by getting the Flume Smart Home Water Monitor for $169, a 15% savings. 

California is on fire and there’s an island made of trash floating in the Pacific. No one’s asking you to become the next Greta Thunberg, but the declining state of the planet suggests we should all take small steps to do our part.

For a start, there are a number of easy ways to lessen your water usage. Some are obvious — like don’t water the lawn after soaking in a long bath — while others require a bit more thought.

Get alerts and water use information via Flume, which is on sale for 15% off.

Get alerts and water use information via Flume, which is on sale for 15% off.

Image: flume

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How to become an Instagram influencer
Publisher:  Mashable
Thursday, 21 November 2019 05:00

TL;DR: Start using Instagram for more than just entertainment and get the Complete Instagram Influencer Bundle for $28.96, a 98% savings. 

Do you know that Kylie Jenner makes an estimated million per sponsored Instagram post?

Even if you aren't descended from a long line of famous people, there is money to be made on Instagram. And while effectively growing your IG following is unlikely to have brands, corporations, or corrupt foreign regimes just begging to thrust you into the 1% with lucrative #SponCon, it could go some way to supplementing your revenue stream. Everyone loves a side hustle, especially if you can do it on your phone. Read more...

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Thu Nov 21 '19 Announcement from ASTRO 4K - Not All Monitors are Created Equal
Publisher:  Indiegogo: Announcements
Thursday, 21 November 2019 04:59

To our valued supporters,

We're almost there.

We have been pushed back by 2-3 weeks due to a delay from our packaging supplier.  Today, the 1st box was sent through to our quality control team for inspection to ensure your Astro 4K is delivered safely and as a premium product.

Astro 4K Monitor Box

Tracking numbers will be issued approximately mid December. Orders will be delivered in order of contributions.

Apologies for this slight delay but rest assured your product WILL be delivered.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team at any time to discuss your order. 

Please use the email address: for your enquiries.

Thank you for your patience.


Team Evolve III

Security guard indicted for choking, punching 11-year-old shoplifter
Publisher:  ABC
Thursday, 21 November 2019 04:58

A security guard at a clothing store in Boston has been indicted for choking and punching an 11-year-old girl who was shoplifting.

[Report] Future of Life Insurance Industry: Insurtech & Trends in 2018
Publisher:  business insider
Thursday, 21 November 2019 04:56

  • Life insurance is fundamentally hard to sell; it’s morbid to think about, promises no immediate rewards, and often requires a lengthy paper application with minimal guidance.
  • Despite the popularity of personalized products in other areas of finance and fintech, life insurance largely remains unchanged.
  • A small, but growing pocket of insurtech startups are shaking up the status quo by finding ways to digitize life insurance and increase its appeal.

Life insurance is a fundamentally difficult product to sell; it requires people to think about their deaths without promising any immediate returns.

Life Insurance Graphic

And, despite tech innovations and the development of personalized services in other areas of finance, life insurance remains largely unchanged.

Luckily, there is a small but growing pocket of insurtech startups looking to modernize it. These companies are finding ways to digitize life insurance to  appeal to consumers — and they’re giving incumbents the opportunity to revamp traditional offerings, either by partnering with them or using their technology.

Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service, has forecasted the shifting landscape of life insurance in the The Future of Life Insurance report. Here are the key problems insurtechs are tackling:

  • Lack of education: Forty percent of US consumers told the Life Insurance and Market Research Association (LIMRA) that they feel intimidated by the life insurance application process, often drastically overestimating its cost and facing uncertainty about how much or which type of coverage to buy.
  • Inconvenient application process: It can take weeks or months for coverage to take effect because of the sheer number of meetings and parties combing through paperwork in each round of the application process. The risk for the insurer often warrants reviews from the carrier, a team of underwriters, a broker, and even a medical examiner.
  • Low customer loyalty: Life insurance tends to be a “set it and forget itâ€� type of purchase, with very few people revisiting it after buying. Insurers and consumers therefore have limited contact for most of the relationship — with the exception of an annual bill, of course.
  • Inefficient data management and processing: The aggregate data life insurers rely on is typically fed into algorithms that make broad assumptions about particular populations, and often incorporate outdated medical documentation — all of which can delay applications and result in unnecessary rejections.

Want to learn more?

The need for modernization in life insurance is clear: Overall sales are slowing and policy ownership is hitting record lows. And because it’s such a tightly-regulated space, innovation from incumbents has stagnated — but they’re not helpless. Consumer-focused and insurer-focused startups have emerged to offer new technologies and process improvements.

The Future of Life Insurance report from Business Insider Intelligence looks at the two main strategies life insurtechs are adopting to drive change in this market, for the benefit of both buyers and sellers. In full, the report discusses best practices incumbents and startups should adopt to steer clear of the risks attached to applying emerging technologies to such a tightly regulated product.

Insurtech startups will soon set new industry standards and consumer expectations around this complex product. That, in turn will serve as a catalyst for innovation among legacy players.

Companies included in this report: Ladder, Haven Life, Getsurance, Tomorrow, Fabric, Atidot, AllLife, Royal London, Polly,, Legal & General, Vitality, Discovery, John Hancock, Dai-ichi Life.

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‘Mourinho wanted Real return but it wasn’t meant to be’ – New Spurs boss grew ‘fed up of waiting’ on Madrid
Publisher: News - English - America
Thursday, 21 November 2019 04:55

Former Blancos president Ramon Calderon claims the Portuguese tactician had been favouring a second stint in La Liga over another Premier League post

In Romania, the situation is starting to become unbearable [Interesting]
Publisher:  Fark
Thursday, 21 November 2019 04:50

Interesting [link] [4 comments]

63 Biggest Movers From Yesterday
Publisher:  Benzinga
Thursday, 21 November 2019 04:49


  • Cancer Genetics Inc (NASDAQ: CGIX) shares jumped 131.3% to close at $4.81 on Wednesday after the company announced it has retained H.C. Wainwright to explore strategic alternatives.

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Africans are excellent Runners
Publisher:  Live Leak
Thursday, 21 November 2019 04:49

But they should avoid boats. From German TV, ignore the narration and enjoy, footage speaks for itself.

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