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Honor puts a shiny target on the back of its desirable new 9X phones
Publisher:  Digital Trends
Tuesday, 23 July 2019 06:36

Honor has announced the Honor 9X and Honor 9X Pro. The two new phones have currently been unveiled only in China, but the company often goes on to release its new devices internationally, provided it can overcome some challenges.

Tue Jul 23 '19 Announcement from Cinch! The World's Smartest Pop-Up Tent!
Publisher:  Indiegogo: Announcements
Tuesday, 23 July 2019 06:33

Here’s a bunch of really useful information for you. Please take a read through it and explore the links. 
Cinch LED Apps
If you’ve ordered the 2, 3 or 4-man tent you’re set to receive the phone-activated LED strip as part of your accessories. We’ve created a neat little app for your phone which lets you control the lights. Use the following links to download the app:


Once you’ve got the app, all you’ll need to do is plug the LED strip into a USB power source. You’ll know it’s on because it’ll light up. Open your app and follow the onscreen instructions to link your phone to the app. 



Setting up the cinch
With more than 10 pegging points and 20 guy lines, you can set the Cinch up in numerous ways. Our advice is: just use what you need, and if it’s wet, please make sure you’ve don't tie the tent down hard with the guy lines. If you go too hard with the guy lines it can cause the inner tent to touch the outer. It’s good practice to make sure these two layers of material don’t touch, and it’s possible, especially with the guy lines for the windows, to pull the outer down a fraction too much. 


Takedown and setup
We’ve a whole host of videos, which you can check out here. And you can consult the instructional manuals via your phone or computer. These manuals are also sewn into the bags of each product, so you can use them there too. There's more than one way to take down the tent too, so if you're not keen on the Indiana Jones technique, you can try out this one instead.
Storm support
If the weather gets really bad you can make use of the storm support precautions we have in the tent. When the wind is up you can use the extendable telescopic poles to bolster your structure against wind with the grommet just above each entrance. If you're getting slammed by the rain then pull down the grey storm doors (found underneath the green built-in canopies) to protect the zippers.
Whats included in my package again?
The 2, 3 & 4-man come with a whole host of kit. Check your tent bag for 4 LED pegs, 2 LED torch / Lanterns, 1 LED strip, 2 velcro-backed mirrors, 1 Repair Kit, 3 Solar Support Poles and one pair of Extendable Canopy Poles. If you’ve ordered the Hub check your pockets for 4 LED Bulbs and a detachable groundsheet. 


Support and Sharing
We’re here and ready to help if you have any questions about your Cinch! We’d also love to see how you’re using it so please email through your feedback and pictures to us at We’d really love to hear from you and share in your adventures.
Again, much love.
Jake & Ben

Kyra Santoro Burns Down Instagram With Swimsuit Picture
Publisher:  The Daily Caller
Tuesday, 23 July 2019 06:31


Widodo warned to tread carefully with harder line against Indonesia’s Islamists
Publisher:  WN
Tuesday, 23 July 2019 06:31

Indonesia’s tougher stance against religious hardliners seeking to turn the secular country into an Islamic state must avoid fuelling a narrative of repression that would give these groups a cause to unite around, a think tank warned on Tuesday.The Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict (IPAC) released a study examining how police have come to see radical Islam as one of the biggest security threats facing the country. The policy has led to greater scrutiny of social media and tighter… ......

Find moar rare urfs [Asinine]
Publisher:  Fark
Tuesday, 23 July 2019 06:31

Asinine [link] [17 comments]

2 murders, a death, and 2 disappearances in a remote, wild part of Canada could all be connected, police say
Publisher:  business insider
Tuesday, 23 July 2019 06:30

Canadian police release CCTV of murdered couple

  • A string of deaths and disappearances in a northerly and remote part of Canada's British Columbia province may be linked, police have said.
  • On Friday, Royal Canadian Mounted Police declared Kam McLeod, 19, and Bryer Schmegelsky, 18, missing after their truck was found burning on a little-traveled highway.
  • While searching for them, police stumbled on another dead body two kilometers away.
  • It followed the discovery of two bullet-ridden bodies four days earlier, of backpackers Lucas Fowler, 23, and Chynna Deese, 24.
  • Even though the shot backpackers were found 310 miles from the other incidents, police have said a connection is possible.
  • Officers are seeking a bearded man seen driving a Jeep, but have few other identifying details.
  • Visit INSIDER's homepage for more stories. 

The murder of two backpackers, a third dead body, and the disappearance of two teens in a remote, wild part of Canada may all be connected, police have said.

On Friday, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) declared Kam McLeod, 19, and Bryer Schmegelsky, 18, missing after the Dodge pickup they were using to travel cross-country was found on fire on a highway in northern British Columbia, close to the border with Yukon.

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As they searched for the boys, police stumbled on a body they say was not that of McLeod or Schmegelsky, found two kilometers from the smoldering car.

Kam McLeod and 18-year-old Bryer Schmegelsky, both of Port Alberni, B.C.

They later released this image of the dead man, describing him as being in his fifties of sixties, with a grey beard and grey hair.

canada dead man policeFour days earlier, on July 15, police found two murder victims, also in remote British Columbia, but 310 miles away.

Lucas Fowler, a 23-year-old Australian, and Chynna Deese, 24, an American, were found by their 1986 Chevrolet van on the Alaska Highway with multiple bullet wounds.

RCMP Sgt. Janelle Shoihet said on Monday that the cases could be connected.

The location of Dease Lake, where McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky were found, and Liard River 310 miles away, where Deese and Fowler, 23 were found.k.

"It's unusual to have two major investigations of this nature going on at the same time in northern B.C., so we recognize the possibility that these could be linked," she told a live-streamed press conference.

Read more: A tagged arctic fox shocked scientists when it traveled more than 2,700 miles — from Norway to Canada — in just 76 days

Shoihet said that police are "hopeful" that the missing teenagers may yet be found alive.

23-year-old Australian Lucas Fowler and his 24-year-old American girlfriend Chynna Deese

"We're certainly investigating them as missing persons and we're hopeful that they will get in touch with us when they see this broadcast."

Shoihet said officers are looking for one man in connection with the murder of Fowler and Deese.

The man was described as being Caucasian, under 190 centimeters tall, with dark skin, a beard, and dark hair. Police say witnesses saw him talking with Fowler.

Officers released a sketch approximating what the man could look like:

The man drove a Jeep Grand Cherokee with a black stripe on the hood, she said.

Road worker Alandra Hull told 9 News she'd seen the couple arguing with a bearded man the night before they were murdered.

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Facebook fails to keep Messenger Kids’ safety promise
Publisher:  TechCrunch
Tuesday, 23 July 2019 06:30

Facebook’s messaging app for under 13s, Messenger Kids — which launched two years ago pledging a “private” chat space for kids to talk with contacts specifically approved by their parents — has run into an embarrassing safety issue.

The Verge obtained messages sent by Facebook to an unknown number of parents of users of the app informing them the company had found what it couches as “a technical error” which allowed a friend of a child to create a group chat with them in the app which invited one or more of the second child’s parent-approved friends — i.e. without those secondary contacts having been approved by the parent of the first child.

Facebook did not make a public disclosure of the safety issue. We’ve reached out to the company with questions.

It earlier confirmed the bug to the Verge, telling it: “We recently notified some parents of Messenger Kids account users about a technical error that we detected affecting a small number of group chats. We turned off the affected chats and provided parents with additional resources on Messenger Kids and online safety.�

The issue appears to have arisen as a result of how Messenger Kids’ permissions are applied in group chat scenarios — where the multi-user chats apparently override the system of required parental approval for contacts who kids are chatting with one on one.

But given the app’s support for group messaging it’s pretty incredible that Facebook engineers failed to robustly enforce an additional layer of checks for friends of friends to avoid unapproved users (who could include adults) from being able to connect and chat with children.

The Verge reports that “thousands” of children were left in chats with unauthorized users as a result of the flaw.

Despite its long history of playing fast and loose with user privacy, at the launch of Messenger Kids in 2017 the then head of Facebook Messenger, David Marcus, was quick to throw shade at other apps kids might use to chat — saying: “In other apps, they can contact anyone they want or be contacted by anyone.”

Turns out Facebook’s Messenger Kids has also allowed unapproved users into chatrooms it claimed as safe spaces for kids, saying too that it had developed the app in “lockstep” with the FTC.

We’ve reached out to the FTC to ask if it will be investigating the safety breach.

Friends’ data has been something of a recurring privacy blackhole for Facebook — enabling, for example, the misuse of millions of users’ personal information without their knowledge or consent as a result of the expansive permissions Facebook wrapped around it, when the now defunct political data company, Cambridge Analytica, paid a developer to harvest Facebook data to build psychographic profiles of US voters.

The company is reportedly on the verge of being issued with a $5BN penalty by the FTC related to an investigation of whether it breached earlier privacy commitments made to the regulator.

Various data protection laws govern apps that process children’s data, including the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (Coppa) in the US and the General Data Protection Regulation in Europe. But while there are potential privacy issues here with the Messenger Kids flaw, given children’s data may have been shared with unauthorized third parties as a result of the “error”, the main issue of concern for parents is likely the safety risk of their children being exposed to people they have not authorized in an unsupervised video chat environment.

On that issue current laws have less of a support framework to offer.

Although — in Europe — rising concern about a range of risks and harms kids can face when going online has led the UK government to seek to regulate the area.

recently published white paper sets out its plan to regulate a broad range of online harms, including proposing a mandatory duty of care on platforms to take reasonable steps to protect users from a range of harms, such as child sexual exploitation.

UFO over Moscow - Golyanovo July 22, 2019
Publisher:  Live Leak
Tuesday, 23 July 2019 06:30

UFO over Moscow - Golyanovo July 22, 2019 time: 1:50:00 night. Russia. Ruslan Brovkin.

It's time to retire the cheese pull
Publisher:  Mashable
Tuesday, 23 July 2019 06:30


Mashable bites into a creamy, nutty, gooey, and sometimes stinky world during our first-ever Cheese Week.

Cheese, in all its melty, salty, indigestion-inducing goodness, will probably always be a mainstay online. Lactose intolerance memes alone will make sure of that. But the kind of cheese that rules the internet is changing. And the cheese pull's gotta go.

Even if you don't know the term, you've definitely seen a cheese pull at some point. It's that mouthwatering string of mozzarella that stretches from a slice of pizza when you pull it from the pie, or the gooey strands between two separating halves of a grilled cheese sandwich. It's the star of every single Domino's commercial, thousands of Instagram posts, and quite a few of BuzzFeed's Tasty videos. But here's the trouble with cheese pulls: They're not grounded in reality. Read more...

More about Lifestyle, Instagram, Cheese, Cheese Week, and Culture

10 things you need to know before the opening bell
Publisher:  business insider
Tuesday, 23 July 2019 06:29

Boris Johnson jeremy hunt

This is what you need to know. 

1. The UK will have a new Prime Minister by the afternoon, as the Conservative party picks either Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt as their new leader. Boris Johnson is set to be leader barring any upsets. 

2. The White House and Congress just reached a deal that would avert a major fiscal crisis in Washington this fall. The Trump administration and congressional Democrats forged an agreement to add billions to government spending and lift the debt limit for two years.

3. The UK might already be in a recession — before even leaving the EU. The National Institute for Economic and Social Research says that the UK economy has stalled and that there is a one-in-four chance the economy could be in recession.

4. Apple is reportedly in talks to buy Intel's smartphone-modem chip business for $1 billion. Intel stunned the tech world in April when it announced that it was getting out of the 5G smartphone-modem business.

5. UBS posts surprise second-quarter profit boost. UBS beat forecasts with a $1.4 billion net profit for its second quarter of 2019, as gains in its advisory business softened an investment-banking fall and boosted its Swiss-retail and corporate-banking business.

6. China's new Nasdaq-style STAR Market plunges on second day of trading. There were sharp falls in most listed shares a day after they posted average gains of 140%, underscoring the volatility of the country's new tech exchange.

7. American farmers look past trade fears to cash in on China's hog crisis. The devastating impact of African swine fever on the Chinese pork industry is trumping concerns about trade wars and tariffs.

8. Stocks around the world today are rallying. US futures S&P 500 (+0.2%) and the Nasdaq (+0.3%) are up. In Europe, the Dax (+1.1%) and Euro Stoxx (+0.8%) were both rising. Asian stocks closed on the up, with the Nikkei 225 (+1.0%), Shanghai Composite (+0.5%) and Hang Seng(+0.3%) all up. 

9. It is another bumper day for earnings. Visa and Coca-Cola both have their earnings out. European banks Santander and UBS also reported their results.

10. There's some interesting data out today. The US housing price index is out and in Japan, Bank of Japan Governor Kuroda's speech could offer valuable insights.


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