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Gaming megastar Ninja said he's deleting TikTok
Publisher:  business insider
Friday, 10 July 2020 05:17

  • Streaming superstar Tyler "Ninja" Blevins tweeted he's deleting TikTok.
  • "Hopefully a less intrusive company (data farming) that isn't owned by China can recreate the concept legally," Blevins said.
  • This week Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and President Trump both said a US ban on TikTok, which is owned by Chinese company ByteDance, is being considered.
  • While Pompeo cited national security fears, while Trump suggested it would be a way to punish China for the coronavirus pandemic.
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Streaming superstar Tyler "Ninja" Blevins announced on Thursday that he's ditching TikTok, the video-sharing app beloved by Generation Z, over privacy concerns.

"I have deleted the TIK TOK app off all my devices," Blevins tweeted to his 6 million followers. 

"Hopefully a less intrusive company (data farming) that isn't owned by China can recreate the concept legally, such funny and amazing content on the app from influencers," he added.

Blevins was the most-watched game streamer on Amazon-owned streaming platform Twitch before he signed an exclusivity deal with Microsoft's streaming service Mixer in August 2019. Microsoft shut down Mixer on June 22, releasing Blevins from his contract. Blevins indicated this week that he might return to YouTube.

Blevins did not elaborate on why he thought TikTok was more intrusive than other social media apps like Facebook and Twitter. But his announcement is indicative that growing US political hostility towards the app may be filtering down.

TikTok is owned by Chinese tech company ByteDance, a fact which has made it a target for US politicians.

And Blevins' announcement comes the same week the Trump administration said it is considering banning the app.

Secretary of state Mike Pompeo told Fox News on Monday the US government was "certainly" considering banning TikTok on the grounds that it could constitute a national security threat. Pompeo said US citizens should be wary of downloading the app or else he thinks their data could end up "in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party."

On Tuesday President Trump weighed in, saying a TikTok ban could be a way for him to punish China for the coronavirus pandemic.

TikTok denies that it is a security risk, and has sought to distance itself from its Chinese roots. 

"TikTok is led by an American CEO, with hundreds of employees and key leaders across safety, security, product, and public policy in the US," a TikTok spokesperson told Business Insider on Wednesday following Trump's remarks. "We have no higher priority than promoting a safe and secure app experience for our users. We have never provided user data to the Chinese government, nor would we do so if asked," they added.

TikTok itself does not operate in mainland China, but is the international version of its sister app Douyin, which is live in China.

On Friday TikTok confirmed its withdrawal from Hong Kong after China implemented a sweeping new national security law in the previously semi-autonomous region.

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Jasmine Sanders Shares Insane Bikini Video On Instagram
Publisher:  The Daily Caller
Friday, 10 July 2020 05:16


94-year-old Holocaust survivor invites DeSean Jackson to tour Auschwitz
Publisher:  FOXNews
Friday, 10 July 2020 05:16

A 94-year-old Holocaust survivor is inviting embattled Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson to visit Nazi death camps after Jackson shared anti-Semitic posts on Instagram.

UEFA Champions League draw live on CBS Sports HQ: How to watch, stream online, start time, teams
Publisher:  CBS Sports
Friday, 10 July 2020 05:15

The Champions League and Europa League will return next month

Bayern transfer policy blasted as Hoffenheim director calls Bundesliga champions out for 'talent-poaching'
Publisher: News - English - America
Friday, 10 July 2020 05:15

The German champions are known for hoovering up the country's top talent, and some of their rivals are growing tired of their dominance

‘Impunity Is the Story of Our Times’
Publisher:  The American Prospect
Friday, 10 July 2020 05:15

An interview with filmmaker Joshua Oppenheimer

Fri Jul 10 '20 Announcement from Flash: World's Most Powerful 210W USB-C Powerbank
Publisher:  Indiegogo: Announcements
Friday, 10 July 2020 05:13

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California sues Trump administration over 'absurd' student visa policy
Publisher:  UPI
Friday, 10 July 2020 05:11

California is suing the Trump administration over its new policy requiring international students to take in-person classes or face deportation.

Charly Jordan Stuns In Black Lingerie To Portray Deadly Character In TikTok Video
Publisher:  inquisitr
Friday, 10 July 2020 05:11

Charly Jordan attends Abyss By Abby Launch at Beauty & Essex

Charly Jordan’s latest TikTok video had her followers gushing over her brief but powerful performance.

In the caption of her video, the model and DJ described her character’s dark backstory. Charly wrote that she was portraying a woman who had just seduced her abusive husband before murdering him. For her role, Charly rocked a black lingerie set that included a bra constructed out of delicate lace. The garment was semi-sheer, and it featured swirling designs on its underwire cups. The outer edges of the bra were trimmed with flirty eyelash lace.

Charly also wore a pair of mesh panties that featured a V-shaped accent on the front. The underwear had a high leg and a waistline that hit slightly below the navel.

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Sen. Tammy Duckworth calls President Trump and Tucker Carlson 'insecure men' who have no idea what 'true patriotism' means
Publisher:  business insider
Friday, 10 July 2020 05:10

  • Illinois Sen. Tammy Duckworth responded in a column to Fox News host Tucker Carlson's heated monologues in which he questioned her patriotism.
  • In an opinion column titled "Tucker Carlson Doesn't Know What Patriotism Is," Duckworth accused Carlson of disingenuously conflating her previous remarks.
  • Also attacking President Donald Trump, she said "attacks from self-serving, insecure men who can't tell the difference between true patriotism and hateful nationalism will never diminish my love for this country."
  • Duckworth, a double-amputee and a US Army veteran, added: "These titanium legs don't buckle."
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Democratic Sen. Tammy Duckworth of Illinois replied Thursday to Fox News host Tucker Carlson's heated monologues from the week, in which the outspoken conservative personality questioned her patriotism.

In a New York Times opinion column titled "Tucker Carlson Doesn't Know What Patriotism Is," Duckworth accused Carlson of purposefully misrepresenting her previous comment about having a national dialogue on the removal of historical monuments.

She said the Fox host wrongly twisted her words to suggest she supported having the statues removed.

In the column, Duckworth wrote: "Let me be clear: I don't want George Washington's statue to be pulled down any more than I want the Purple Heart that he established to be ripped off my chest. I never said that I did."

"Led by the Fox News host Tucker Carlson and egged on by President Trump, they began questioning my love for the country I went to war to protect, using words I never actually said and ascribing a position to me that I do not actually hold," Duckworth said.

"Mr. Carlson disingenuously claimed that because I expressed an openness to 'a national dialogue' about our founders' complex legacies, people like me 'actually hate America.'"

Duckworth, an outspoken critic of the president, accused him and Carlson of being "desperate for America's attention to be on anything other than Donald Trump's failure to lead our nation."

"They should know, though, that attacks from self-serving, insecure men who can't tell the difference between true patriotism and hateful nationalism will never diminish my love for this country — or my willingness to sacrifice for it so they don't have to," Duckworth said. "These titanium legs don't buckle."

"The hateful vision for America parroted by Mr. Trump and Mr. Carlson will not win," Duckworth added. "Their relentless efforts to drive wedges between us will not work forever. We are too resilient a nation, too diverse a people, to let them."

Carlson and Duckworth's feud began after the senator's remarks about Trump's speech at Mount Rushmore last weekend

In a CNN interview on Sunday, Duckworth was asked for her thoughts on removing monuments dedicated to notable slave-owning American leaders including President George Washington. Duckworth replied by saying the US needed a "national dialogue" on the matter.

Carlson, who described the removal of historical US monuments as part of "cancel culture," questioned Duckworth's love for the country.

"Most people just ignore her," Carlson said during his show on Monday. "But when Duckworth does speak in public, you're reminded what a deeply silly and unimpressive person she is."

He added: "Well, it's long been considered out of bounds to question a person's patriotism. It's a very strong charge and we try not ever to make it. But in the face of all of this, the conclusion can't be avoided: These people actually hate America, there's no longer a question about that."

Duckworth appeared to reply in a tweet shortly afterward, "Does @TuckerCarlson want to walk a mile in my legs and then tell me whether or not I love America?"

Duckworth deployed to Iraq as a pilot in 2004, where she lost both her legs after her helicopter was struck by a rocket-propelled grenade. She went on to win a House seat in 2012 and was elected to the Senate in 2016. 

On his program the next day, Carlson called Duckworth a "fraud" and claimed she was using her military background, "since she was once injured," to drown out his argument.

Carlson, who claimed to have reached out to Duckworth's staff, also called her a "coward" for refusing to accept his invitation to debate him on his show.

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