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New York DOE hit with $264 million in budget cuts due to COVID-19
Publisher:  New York Post
Tuesday, 07 April 2020 18:00

The startling budget slash - which will impact programs ranging from early education to teacher training - is part of larger $1.3 billion spending drawdown across a slew of strapped city agencies.

The Pro Guide To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Barbershop
Publisher:  Refinery29
Tuesday, 07 April 2020 18:00

At this point, Zoom happy hours and IGTV workouts have become part of our new normal as we self-isolate to slow the spread of COVID-19. The idea of cutting our own hair (or a loved one’s hair who we live with) feels just as novel, but since heading to the barbershop for a weekly trim, shape-up, or haircut is temporarily impossible, you may be feeling the itch to take matters (and clippers) into your own hands.

With tons of tools available to shop online right now, who’s really stopping you from playing barber for the day? To start, most stylists are encouraging their clients to refrain from home cuts unless completely necessary. “I suggest letting your hair grow until we can all get to work again,� says Philip Wolff, stylist and Matrix global ambassador.

However, if you do require a cut now, or need to help a loved one or roommate you’re in isolation with, we suggest heeding tips from our experts. With many different types of haircuts and tools out there, we tapped the pros to break down everything you need to know before turning your bathroom into a barbershop, ahead.

For A Basic Buzzcut

According to Oswald Wiggan, master barber with The Art of Shaving, a buzzcut is probably one of the easier haircuts to maintain at home. To complete it, you’ll need a pair of clippers with guards, which provide the option for a variety of lengths. Wiggan suggests starting with a longer setting to start. “You can always go shorter,� he says.

The key, Wiggan explains, is to make sure to go over your head evenly to get a uniform cut. “Start at the top of your head to make sure you like the length,� he says. “If you’re balding in any areas, you may want to use a longer setting in those places to leave more coverage.� Wolff also recommends staying focused on keeping your clippers parallel to the natural curves of our head to get an even result. “Use scooping motions to remove the hair,� he says.

Lubing up your blades with a lightweight oil is also important to make the whole process smoother. “A dry clipper that hasn’t been used in a while can and will snag hair,� Wolff says. “It’ll make the experience unforgettable — and not in a good way.� Once you’re satisfied with your finished results, Wiggan says to clean your blades before putting them away, but avoid alcohol since it can cause rust. “Most barbers use Clippercide for a quick disinfectant since it’s anti-rust and it lubricates,� he says. “However, don’t underestimate the power of soap and water.�

For A Clean Shave

Also on the easier side of the at-home haircut spectrum is a clean shave. “You don’t have to worry about lines and fading with this cut,� says Wiggan. Before attempting, he suggests making sure your hair is no longer than a quarter of an inch. “Long hair can get caught in the blade and cause tugging, pulling, and irritation,� he says.

Though a clean shave leaves less room for error, there’s still some prep work that goes into a thorough job. Wiggan suggests using a pre-shave oil to help soften the hair and improve razor glide. “Then, lather up with shaving cream and a shaving brush to help deliver more moisture and further soften the hair,� he says. “The more time spent on your prep, the easier your shave will be.�

Ready to go? Wiggan suggests a clean, five-blade cartridge. “I like the Gillette Labs Heated Razor,� he says. “It has a warming bar and flex disc, which helps maintain contact with your scalp as you move around your head.� To ensure the safest finish, shave against the hair’s growth. “Most people will feel smooth after one pass, but if needed, lather up with more shaving cream and do a second,� Wiggan explains.

When all of the hair is removed, use a cold, wet washcloth to gently remove any leftover shaving cream and finish with an alcohol-free aftershave to calm the skin. “I recommend The Art Of Shaving After-Shave Balm, which has shea butter and glycerin to hydrate,� he says.

To Clean Up Your Hairline

A clean hairline is the sign of a fresh haircut, so even if you don’t want to buzz or trim your entire head, freshening up your lines can make your style look much neater. “You can do this with clippers or by shaving the area,� Wiggan says.

If shaving with a blade, he recommends applying shaving cream all over the hairline before removing product from the hair you want to keep to get a better visual. Or, if you’re using clippers, opt for oil instead of shaving cream and make small scooping motions to remove the unwanted hair.

As far as your neck goes, an isolation buddy will help. “This is much easier if you have another set of eyes that can help you achieve a clean look,� says Wolff. “But it’s not impossible to do on your own.� To clean up your neckline, Wiggan says to use a handheld mirror to examine the back of your head, then gently map it out using your natural hairline as a foolproof guide.

For A Trim

Longer hair requires a basic pair of hair cutting shears. “The goal here is to take a look at the lines from your last cut, and clean them up by trimming some length,� Wiggan says.

First, section off a small area of the hair you want to trim by holding it taught between two fingers, or with a comb, then trim just the tips. Wiggan says to start small and cut gradually as you become more comfortable. “This can be done wet or dry, but note that wet hair is more elastic so it will be shorter when it dries,� he says. “Be cautious when removing length if you cut it wet.�

For styles that are long on top with faded sides, you’ll want multiple tools on hand. “Use clippers for the faded areas and shears on top,� Wiggan explains. “Start with a lower guard setting and work your way up in small increments.� Note that we’re getting into more complicated territory with this one, so Wiggan says to spend time watching tutorials online before taking the plunge with shears.

Ultimately, if you plan on attempting a DIY haircut, Wolff encourages you to consult with your stylist and don’t be too hard on your end result if they’re imperfect. “Nobody will judge you during a time like this,� he says. “If you do experiment at home, just remember that it will grow back — but doing nothing is also a safe and viable option.�

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Trump Removes Inspector General Who Was Set to Oversee Stimulus Spending
Publisher:  The Root
Tuesday, 07 April 2020 18:00

The president’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic can only be described as a shitshow. From responding way too late to touting unproven treatments, Trump has been a hindrance to the recovery effort. When he’s not just poorly managing the crisis, he’s trying to take advantage of it.


Chanel West Coast Slays In A Pink Sports Bra And Tight Pink Leggings
Publisher:  inquisitr
Tuesday, 07 April 2020 17:59

Chanel West Coast attends the PrettyLittleThing x Karl Kani event.

Rapper and television personality Chanel West Coast stunned her 3.4 million Instagram followers with an Instagram post that showcased her fit physique. She rocked a bold workout ensemble in an eye-catching hue that looked incredible against her sun-kissed skin.

On top, Chanel wore a bright pink sports bra with a scoop neckline that showcased a tantalizing amount of cleavage. Thick straps stretched around her neck, and the hem of the top extended a few inches below her ample assets. Several inches of her toned stomach were on display between the bottom of her sports bra and the waistband of her pants.

Her leggings were in a matching bold pink hue, and they clung to every inch of her petite physique. Chanel faced the camera, so her pert rear wasn’t on display, but her toned thighs were still showcased in the bottoms. She finished off the ensemble with a pair of black-and-red workout gloves to protect her hands.

Tue Apr 07 '20 Announcement from Doc Salem Monster hunter!
Publisher:  Indiegogo: Announcements
Tuesday, 07 April 2020 17:58

Hello all you Madmen & Monsters!

Your Doctors calling to let you know that we have met our GOAL! Because of this i've added the Crossover Cover! this is not the same thing as the raw cover. if you've already selected a perk and you would like this cover simply email me and i'll send you a secret link with no shipping. the book will be shipped with your existing order. digital does not qualify!

Thank you all for making this book a reality!



Jack Dorsey Pledges $1 Billion to Fund Chinese Virus Relief
Publisher:  Breitbart News
Tuesday, 07 April 2020 17:58

Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey announced that he will provide $ 1 billion of his own money for relief efforts to combat the Chinese virus. Dorsey says the sum represents approximately 28 percent of his net worth.

Alyssa Milano Wants Her New Book to Inspire "Hope For a Brighter Tomorrow"
Publisher:  E!
Tuesday, 07 April 2020 17:56

Alyssa MilanoCould there be a better time for a message of hope? That's exactly what Alyssa Milano's new book aims to deliver (it even has "hope" in its title!). The actress joined...

Experts Recommend Disinfecting Television After Trump Has Been On
Publisher:  The New Yorker
Tuesday, 07 April 2020 17:56

Andy Borowitz jokes that people should disinfect their TVs and other parts of their homes after Trump appears on television to speak about the coronavirus.

As coronavirus cases in ICE custody keep climbing, advocates worry agency is fudging the numbers
Publisher:  Daily Kos
Tuesday, 07 April 2020 17:55

Mother Jones reports that according to a social media posting by a Louisiana sheriff, two people detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in the state have now tested positive for COVID-19. “ICE spokesman Bryan Cox did not confirm the new case, but said the agency is updating the number of people in its custody who have tested positive on a daily basis.�

Except that’s not true. As of publishing time, ICE’s public tally of confirmed cases hasn’t been updated since the evening of April 4, which said that 13 detainees in eight facilities across five states have tested positive for the novel coronavirus. While Mother Jones’ report pushes that number to 14 people across nine facilities, BuzzFeed News’ Hamed Aleaziz said confirmed cases are as high as 20. And yet another report raises even more fears ICE is actively trying to fudge numbers during a pandemic.

The Miami Herald reported that while ICE has claimed “for weeks� that no one in their custody in Florida has tested positive for COVID-19, a now-hospitalized detainee at a facility in Miami-Dade has tested positive. ICE “got around having to disclose that any detainee was sick with COVID-19 because the detainee was technically no longer on the premises, federal sources say.� It’s this shady behavior that’s leading advocates to fear ICE will try to disguise numbers and hide detainee deaths—because the agency has already engaged in this shady behavior before, an immigration policy expert tweets.

To be fair, ICE is not unique among jailers in trying to hide in-custody deaths by "releasing" people as they lay dying in a hospital. It's a practice that local police have also been documented carrying out. Expect it to be used during COVID-19.

— Aaron Reichlin-Melnick (@ReichlinMelnick) April 7, 2020

ICE has done this multiple times. Jose Luis Ibarra suffered a brain hemorrhage in detention in February 2019. ICE transferred him to a hospital, then "released" him as he lay in a coma. When he died, ICE didn't have to report his death as "in custody."

— Aaron Reichlin-Melnick (@ReichlinMelnick) April 7, 2020

In another example, Reichlin-Melnick writes that “Saliou Ndiaye sought asylum from Senegal. He was held in detention for a year. After his case was denied, he tried to kill himself. Kept on life support in a hospital, ICE ‘released’ him—getting themselves off the hook.� And while she didn’t die in custody, Yazmin Juárez said officials failed to provide proper medical treatment when her daughter Mariee became sick while at a migrant family jail in 2018. Yazmin said ICE released them only after the child had deteriorated and had become limp. Mariee died at a hospital six weeks later. She was just two years old.

ICE cannot be trusted with lives—and the No. 1 way to immediately lessen the harm facing detained people is to free them. “People in congregate environments—places where people live, eat, and sleep in close proximity—face increased risk of contracting COVID-19, as already evidenced by the rapid spread of the virus in cruise ships, nursing homes, and jails,� states a new lawsuit demanding the release of vulnerable detainees in California. These conditions, plaintiffs said, “are tinderboxes for rapid widespread infection within and beyond the facilities.�


Senior policy analyst Jesse Franzblau tweeted ICE has updated its public tally to 19, though that number doesn’t match up with BuzzFeed News’ earlier count of 20. “We know they are hiding other confirmed cases, and there are countless more people who they haven't tested,� he said. “ICE says they've identified 600 identified as ‘vulnerable’ but only around 160 have been released custody since March 30 2020.�

They just bumped it to 19. We know they are hiding other confirmed cases, and there are countless more people who they haven't tested. ICE says they've identified 600 identified as �vulnerable" but only around 160 have been released custody since March 30 2020.

— Jesse Franzblau (@JFranzblau) April 7, 2020


BuzzFeed News’ Hamed Aleaziz is standing by his count of 20 ICE detainees with confirmed coronavirus—and of course it ties back to the case from Florida that ICE is trying to disguise:

Actual count is 20 --- strange that the ICE site does not include the case of the ICE detainee who is at a hospital in the Miami area.

— Hamed Aleaziz (@Haleaziz) April 7, 2020

Stassi Schroeder Worries She And Beau Clark Will Never Get Engaged On ‘Vanderpump Rules’
Publisher:  inquisitr
Tuesday, 07 April 2020 17:55

Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark are seen on 'Vanderpump Rules.'

Stassi Schroeder may be happily engaged to Beau Clark currently but during production on the eighth season of Vanderpump Rules, she was awaiting her boyfriend’s proposal and fearing it may never come.

In a sneak peek at the April 7 episode of the Bravo reality series shared by Hollywood Life earlier today, Schroeder is seen agreeing that she should simply “suffer” through her relationship struggles after Clark informs her that he needs more time to consider whether the two of them should get engaged.

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