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Fox on ‘The Masked Singer’: Clues & Guesses So Far 12/10/2019
Tuesday, 10 December 2019 19:43

The Fox has dazzled audiences on The Masked Singer season 2. He is a fan favorite for some, and a prime candidate to win the golden trophy during the finale. Fans will get to watch the Fox’s latest performance during episode 10 of the reality series, which airs on Tuesday, December 10.

Because Fox has been so entertaining, we’ve had to wait to find out his real identity. It may be a while before he is forced to remove his mask, so we can sift through the clues and make educated guesses in the meantime. Who is the Fox, and what makes us so convinced?

Here’s what we know about the Fox’s identity on The Masked Singer so far:

Clues for the Fox on ‘The Masked Singer’

Superhero imagery is important to Fox’s persona. He’s referred to himself as a superhero on multiple occasions, and said that “I’ve definitely done my best work at night. I’ve dabbled in many different genres… [and] over the years, I’ve lived two different lives.â€� He also wears a cape. During last week’s episode, the Fox called himself a “true blue superhero.”

The Fox said that he has worked with both Doogie and Doubtfire, and describes himself as “quick-witted.” The former seems to be a nod to an acting career, and the possibility that the mystery celebrity has worked with both Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser, MD) and Robin Williams (Mrs. Doubtfire). The latter could be a nod to the celebrity’s background as a comedian or comedic personality.

Fox said that he’s often felt “underestimated” in his career, and a brief shot from the clue video showed him reading a bedtime story to a young female Fox. Fans have taken the latter clue to mean that the celebrity in question has a daughter.

The most interesting clue that Fox has provided thus far came from last week’s episode. During his clue video, he addressed the panel of judges and said, “Well, I am so glad that I’m getting a chance to work with my friends, even though my friends don’t know they’re working with me.â€� This clue implies that the celebrity has a friendship with one of the judges. The panel was understandably shocked by the news.

‘The Masked Singer’ Fox Guesses

The most popular guess is that the Fox is Wayne Brady. The comedian and game show host lines up with most every clue, from the “quick-witted” personality and the superhero ties (he’s voiced several comic book characters) to the fact that he’s acted with both Neil Patrick Harris and Robin Williams. Brady also has a daughter, which would align with the bedtime story clue.

Another popular guess is Jeremy Renner. The actor has more superhero bonafides than most, as he plays Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and he voiced a Fox in the animated film Arctic Dogs. He’s also shown an interest in music. He released his first single “Main Attraction” in July, so it’s not much of a stretch to envision him singing on national television.

Jamie Foxx has been thrown out as a possible candidate, but his career does not align as well as the others. Fans have also pointed out that Foxx dressing up as a literal Fox would be too obvious a clue.

Why Fans Think Brenda Lee Is the Tree on ‘The Masked Singer’
Tuesday, 10 December 2019 19:42

Tree has been one of the most elusive contestants during The Masked Singer season 2. She has blown audiences and judges away with her poise and vocal talent, but a string of great performances have done little to shed light on her true identity. Who could she be?

A notable theory that fans have put forth is that the Tree is pop singer Brenda Lee. There are several clues that line up with Lee’s career, as well as some vocal similarities. Read on below for the reasons as to why Lee could be the Tree.

Tree Loves to Cook & Prepare ‘Delicious Treats’

Tree has made several allusions to cooking. There have been shots of baking utensils in her clue videos, and she has said she wants to “dish out” her talent and is “more than an expert in delicious treats.” Lee has been similarly vocal about her love for food, and even released a cookbook in 1997 titled Brenda’s Cookbook: Hits from the Kitchen, My Favorite Family Recipes.

Lee Is Famous for Singing In a Variety of Different Genres

Lee has dominated a variety of different genres throughout her career. She is a member of the Rock and Roll, Country Music and Rockabilly Halls of Fame, and is a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award recipient. Lee has also released jazz recordings, which align with the Tree’s clue that she plans to “jazz up” the competition.

Furthermore, Lee said she once turned down a $30 radio gig so she could attend a show in Augusta, and it was actually in Augusta that she got big career break. The number “30” is an important once for the Tree, as it appears on a locker during one of the clue videos.

Tree Likens Herself to an ‘Old School Entertainer’

Tree says that she is like “the old-school entertainers that could do it all,” and Lee fits the bill more than most. In addition to her legendary music career, Lee has worked on television and radio. She acted in the films The Two Little Bears (1961) and Smokey and the Bandit II (1980), and is also a published author.

Lee’s Most Famous Song Is Holiday-Themed

Perhaps the most prominent link between Lee and the Tree is that their most notable output has been during the holiday season. Tree said that she feels like people only know her for one thing at one time of the year, and this is also true of Lee, whose 1958 single “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” is her most popular recording.

Lee talked about the recording with the Tennessean. “It’s extended my career. You get to a certain age in this industry and you’re not as hot as you once were,” she explained. “It’s meant to be that way…that’s why there are numbers under one. We can’t always be No. 1. I think when you have that mindset, you’re just thankful that you’re a part of something you love to do.”

Lee tops the list of celebrities who have been linked to the Tree. Others include chef Rachel Ray, actress Beverly D’Angelo and former Saturday Night Live cast member Ana Gasteyer.

Tune in to watch The Masked Singer on Fox, on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT and 7 p.m. CT.

Astros reportedly are one of Gerrit Cole's mystery suitors, but Houston reunion remains long shot
Publisher:  CBS Sports
Tuesday, 10 December 2019 19:41

The odds do not seem to be in Houston's favor

At least 6 dead, 25 people critically injured, after a New Zealand volcano and popular tourist spot erupted unexpectedly
Publisher:  business insider
Tuesday, 10 December 2019 19:41

Whakaari, White Island

  • Authorities said in a press conference on Wednesday morning that six people are dead, and eight people remain missing after one of New Zealand's most active volcanoes erupted on Monday.
  • New Zealand's geological monitoring agency, GeoNet, said the eruption began at around 2:11 p.m. local time on Whakaari, also known as White Island, a popular tourist spot which features an active volcano.
  • The death toll is expected to rise as police said that "no signs of life have been seen at any point" by helicopters and rescue aircrafts flying over the island.
  • GNS Science, New Zealand's geoscience agency, said on Wednesday that the volcanic tremor has "significantly increased overnight," leaving open the "likely" possibility that another eruption could occur within the next 24 hours. 
  • Authorities say conditions at the volcano remain "too unsafe" for rescuers to retrieve the remaining bodies.
  • Police released the nationalities of 47 people who were on the island when the volcano erupted, which included 24 Australians, two Chinese nationals, four Germans, one Malaysian national, five New Zealanders, two people from the UK, and nine people from the US. 
  • Police say it is too early to confirm whether there will also be a criminal investigation on the circumstances which allowed large numbers of people to visit the volcano before its eruption.
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Authorities confirmed in a press conference on Wednesday morning that six people are dead, and eight people remain missing after one of New Zealand's most active volcanoes erupted on Monday.

The death toll is expected rise as police said that "no signs of life have been seen at any point" by helicopters and rescue aircrafts flying over the Island. 

The eruption occurred at Whakaari, also known as White Island, a popular tourist spot located about 50 kilometers (30 miles) from the east coast of country's North Island.

White Island map

According to New Zealand's geological monitoring agency, GeoNet, the unexpected eruption began at around 2:11 p.m. local time on Monday and sent ash plumes 12,000 feet into the air.

Police acting assistant commissioner Bruce Bird said on Wednesday that conditions at the volcano remained "too unsafe" for rescuers to land safely.

GNS Science, New Zealand's geoscience agency, said on Wednesday that the volcanic tremor has "significantly increased overnight," leaving open the "likely" possibility that another eruption could occur within the next 24 hours. 

The agency added that the volcano is producing "vigorous steaming and localized mud jetting in several of the craters created by the eruption," which they are interpreting as signs of continued high gas pressures within the volcano.

"It is important to note that the environment on the island has changed since the eruption," police said on Wednesday.

Police say they are still working to confirm the identities of those who have died and who are injured.

"The nature of the injuries that people have suffered is severe and means identifying them is a complex matter," police said.

On Wednesday, police said that search and rescue missions will be carried out once conditions on the island are clear. Police launched a drone on Wednesday morning to gather information on the island's conditions, including gas levels in the atmosphere. Windy conditions on the island prevented drones from being sent out on Tuesday morning.

"Those deploying to the island will likely encounter serious physical and chemical hazards, for which we must be prepared," police said. 

30 people are still being treated for burns in several hospitals around New Zealand, 25 of whom remain in critical condition as of Wednesday morning, police said.

Authorities said in a press conference on Tuesday that 27 victims had burns on at least 30 percent of their bodies.

Police say they expected more bodies to be discovered once the rescue operation was able to be carried out.

"We understand people's desire to recover their loved ones and we are working around the clock to get onto the island so we can recover them as soon as possible," police said Tuesday. "Based on the effects of the eruption on the bodies, this recovery will need to be handled with expert skill and care." 

Police on Tuesday released the nationalities of 47 people who were on the island when the volcano erupted, which included 24 Australians, two Chinese nationals, four Germans, one Malaysian national, five New Zealanders, two people from the UK, and nine people from the US. 

Police added that it was too early to confirm whether there will also be a criminal investigation on the circumstances which allowed large numbers of people to visit the volcano before its eruption.

Prime Minister Jacinda Arden said that about 100 people were believed to have been on the island when the volcano erupted, according to the New Zealand Herald.

It is not clear how many of these estimated 100 people were rescued prior to the helicopters being sent over the Island. 

Prime Minister Arden expressed her condolences for those affected at a cabinet meeting on Monday afternoon.

"All our thoughts are with those affected at this stage," Ardern said. 

New Zealand's National Emergency Management Agency said on Monday that the immediate vicinity of the volcano remains hazardous.

A no-fly zone has been established above the island. 

According to GNS Science, White Island has been New Zealand's most continuously active volcano for the last 40 years. 

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New Zealand volcano: Criminal probe launched; death toll rises to six
Publisher:  UPI
Tuesday, 10 December 2019 19:40

At least six people were confirmed dead Tuesday as New Zealand police launched a criminal investigation into deaths caused by a volcanic eruption on White Island.

Michael McFaul: ‘No reason’ for Trump’s meeting with Russia FM Lavrov
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WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2019: Matches & Predictions
Tuesday, 10 December 2019 19:39

Once the holidays roll around in December, WWE breaks out gift boxes full of tables, ladders, and chairs!

For the fed’s 2019 rendition of TLC, WWE is bringing a ton of longstanding feuds to a close. Now that the three-way brand warfare between Raw, SmackDown and NXT has come to a close, the Red and Blue brands’ talent are back at each other’s throats. And it has been decided that a few of those feud ending bouts will include some dangerous weaponry to really end them on a high note. Roman Reigns will do battle with King Corban and the Women’s Tag Team Championship will be defended in a TLC Match, plus Rusev will finally get his hands on Bobby Lashley in a Tables Match. The rest of TLC 2019’s match card is filled with some other major bouts as well.

Let’s break down every announced matchup that’s been put in place for TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs 2019.

Aleister Black vs. Buddy Murphy

WWE TLC 2019


Predictions & Winner: This is pretty fresh and unexpected. Aleister Black wasn’t doing much of anything besides quick squash matches since being moved to Raw, while Buddy Murphy’s been super active since the last WWE Draft. Someone finally knocked on Aleister’s door and it just so happened to be the Australian Superstar himself. The buildup to this one has been pretty simple, which I have no issue with. Aleister put out an open challenge and Buddy answered it – easily understandable and concise, just how I like it.

Now it’d be awesome for either guy to get the win here. Both Aleister and Buddy would do well to get a PPV victory and push themselves to a more prominent position in preparation for January 2020’s Royal Rumble. Buddy’s been around for a good while now and stayed in a pretty solid spot, but it seems like Aleister is the one getting a rocket strapped to his back as of right now. I’m sure this match will play out wonderfully and wow the crowd. Buddy will put in an awesome performance as always, but Aleister will be the one to prevail and continue on his path of destruction.

The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Big E) (c) vs. The Revival (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder) (WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship)

WWE TLC 2019


Predictions & Winners: The New Day and The Revival have developed quite the incredible chemistry with each other these past few months. They’ve traded a bunch of wins and losses with each other, which has lead to this next meeting. And this time, it’s a PPV clash that I hope gets a lot of time to deliver plenty of shock and awe. I would have been totally cool with this bout playing out as a Ladder Match, but I have no qualms about watching both teams clash in a classic tag team encounter.

I’m still kinda miffed about Kofi Kingston not being anywhere near the WWE Championship or even the Universal Championship picture. It’s so disheartening to see Kofi just forget about his 2019 reign as WWE Champion and not even speak on it as much since losing to Brock Lesnar. It’s cool to see him as a tag team champion once again, though. This SmackDown Tag Team Championship encounter will probably deliver a MOTN candidate if given the time to develop into something worthwhile. Considering the two teams being put in place here, the possibility of that happening is high. I get the feeling that a quick title change will take place here just to set up a final tiebreaker at a later date. Even though this title defense would be the perfect place to end the feud, I see my predicted title change leading to the final bout on one of those end of year editions of SmackDown. This beef’s too hot to end right now!

Bray Wyatt vs. The Miz

WWE TLC 2019


Predictions & Winner: This one’s a bit odd. So “The Fiend” stepped in to destroy Daniel Bryan at Survivor Series and successfully defended his Universal Championship. In the weeks leading up to that bout, Daniel and The Miz shockingly put their years-long feud to the side in order to confront the threat of Bray Wyatt’s terrifying alter-ego. Since being defeated, Daniel has taken an unexpected hiatus. The Miz has been chosen as the next target of Bray’s “affection,” but this time Bray is seemingly competing as his children’s show self to confront The Miz. And what’s even stranger is the fact that this match won’t be for the Universal Championship.

Here’s hoping that those dreaded red lights won’t pop up here. I think that will be the case since “The Fiend” isn’t competing in this spot – it’s all about the “Firefly Funhouse” version of Bray this time around. This will most likely play out as an extended squash match that sees The Miz get in a few hopeful offensive shots but ultimately fail at defeating his horrifying foe. The easy prediction to make here is Bray getting over Miz, honestly. But I can also envision a scenario where a nearly bald Daniel runs out after the match to get his revenge on Bray in order to set up a rematch between him and “The Fiend” at a later date.

The Kabuki Warriors (Asuka and Kairi Sane) (c) vs. Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair (Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Tag Team Match for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship)

WWE TLC 2019


Predictions & Winners: The Kabuki Warriors have been awesome since getting their hands on the Women’s Tag Team titles. Sure, their heel turn had no explanation whatsoever and their title win also came out of nowhere. But I’ve been totally fine with watching both Asuka and Kairi Sane adopt a harder edge and bring back that classic Great Muta green mist gimmick. Putting them across from two top-tier women’s athletes for a TLC contest sounds like an extremely exciting prospect. And I’m happy to see it come to fruition. I loved TLC 2018’s Triple Threat TLC match between Asuka, Charlotte Flair, and Becky. And considering that three of the women in that match are competing in this one, I’m sure we’re going to get a late MOTY contender here.

This one most certainly deserves the main event spot. But Roman Reigns and Baron Corbin have a much higher chance of getting that major position, so it seems like this bout will most likely take the co-main event spot instead. I’m expecting a lot of carnage to erupt here between all four ladies and a ton of painful ladder and table spots littered throughout it. I’m pretty used to witnessing random Women’s Tag Team Championship title changes occur nowadays. Even though the Kabuki Warriors have been doing great work as the champs, I can’t see WWE passing up the chance to crown the current Raw Women’s Champion and Charlotte as tag team titleholders. A title change is coming here folks, so be ready!

Rusev vs. Bobby Lashley (with Lana) (Tables Match)

WWE TLC 2019


Predictions & Winner: Oh boy…this storyline. To say that it’s been an eyesore would be the ultimate understatement. Watching Rusev and Bobby Lashley get pushed into one of those terrible cuckolding feuds WWE seems to love so much is disappointing. All the midday talk show drama erupting between the three individuals put in place here has been pure change the channel fodder. But at least there’s a chance that this match could be worth a damn considering the entertaining pull-apart brawls both men have been involved in lately.

Even though this storyline is complete trash, I’m actually looking forward to watching this big man brawl unfold. Rusev and Bobby always find a way to swim out of the depths of their terrible WWE storylines and produce a watchable match after the fact. Lana will most definitely stick her head into this encounter and try to prevent her “ex-husband” from attaining victory. Her first few efforts will fail, but I think she’ll finally distract Rusev long enough near the end for Bobby to spear him right through a table to win the match. WWE loves this kind of stuff, so I don’t see this three-way romance angle ending so soon with the good guy prevailing. Bobby’s going over, but Rusev won’t be done with him just yet.

Roman Reigns vs. King Corbin (Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match)

WWE TLC 2019


Predictions & Winner:

Somalia shootout spreads from presidential palace to hotel; 5 Islamic extremist rebels killed
Publisher:  FOXNews
Tuesday, 10 December 2019 19:38

Extremists from Al Qaeda-linked Islamic terrorist group Al-Shabab attacked the presidential palace in Somalia’s capital Tuesday, which led to a shootout that spread from the heavily fortified government complex to a nearby hotel.

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