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Australian Smokeshow Brooke Evers Shows Off Her Sandy Booty In Thong Bikini Bottoms On Instagram
Publisher:  inquisitr
Saturday, 25 January 2020 19:03

Brooke Evers takes a selfie.

Brooke Evers looked stunning in a skimpy thong for her brand new Instagram photo. The Australian smokeshow posted the picture to her feed on Saturday night.

In the racy snap, Brooke donned a white t-shirt, which she had tied into a knot at the back. She paired the top with some red thong bikini bottoms.

The model posed with her backside to the camera and flaunted her toned arms, tiny waist, long, lean legs, and booty, which was covered with sand from her time at the beach.

Brooke beamed a smile as she looked over her shoulder in the shot. She also wore her long, blond hair parted down the center and styled in loose waves that cascaded down her back.

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A Case of the EX: Meek Mill and Kenneth Petty Confront Each Other While Out and About
Publisher:  EURweb
Saturday, 25 January 2020 19:03

*Whew chile! #MeekMill and #KennethPetty were seen on camera having a lil’ verbal altercation inside of a clothing store in West Hollywood, but we have the tea on what really happened, and it’s LIPTON!   View this post on Instagram   #TSRExclusiveDetails: Whew chileeee! #MeekMill and #KennethPetty were seen on camera having a lil’ verbal altercation inside of […]

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New iPhone Exclusive Reveals Stunning Apple Design Decision [Updated]
Publisher:  Forbes Real Time
Saturday, 25 January 2020 19:02

Apple's iPhone 12 will look very different to previous iPhones in one surprising (and stunning) new way...

Sheffield leads Elon past James Madison 82-73
Publisher:  FOX Sports
Saturday, 25 January 2020 19:00

Marcus Sheffield II had a season-high 31 points to carry Elon to an 82-73 win over James Madison

Chris Watts Sentence Length: What Prison Is He In?
Saturday, 25 January 2020 19:00

After confessing to the murder of his wife, Shannan Watts, her unborn child, and his two young daughters, Chris Watts was sentenced to life in prison.

He is coming under the spotlight again with Lifetime’s new movie Chris Watts: Confession of a Killer, airing on January 25, 2020 at 8 p.m. Eastern. Here are more details about his sentence and where he is now.

He Pleaded Guilty to Avoid a Death Penalty


Chris Watts pleaded guilty to nine counts, including killing his wife Shannan Watts and his two children, Denver 7 reported. This plea deal was made to avoid the death penalty. His sentencing was in November 2018.

Cindy told Denver 7: “He’s going to die in prison. I just want him to fight. I don’t want him to take this plea deal. I want him to plead not guilty to the children.” She had told Chris Watts that she didn’t want him to confess if he didn’t do the crime. But later, she came to accept he had done the crime, but still couldn’t comprehend why.

In July 2019,  Chris wrote a letter to his mother from prison, asking her to ignore what people were saying, Oxygen reported. The letter was for her 64th birthday. He added: “I’m still a Dad! I’m still a son! No matter what. Now, I can add servant of God to that mix! He has shown me peace, peace, love and forgiveness.”

He Was Sentenced to Five Life Terms Plus 85 Years


Watts was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole, People reported. He is technically sentenced to five life terms, with three served consecutively, with an additional 85 years for murders and a coverup, Dayton Daily News reported.

Chris Watts had claimed early on that he killed Shannan after seeing her strangle the children. But he later pleaded guilty to killing Shannan and his children. He described how he killed his daughters, saying that one begged for her life, Dayton Daily News reported.

He Was in a Prison in Colorado Where He Said He Was Frequently Threatened


He was originally imprisoned in Weld County Jail in Colorado and then transferred, Dayton Daily News reported. Watts said he liked the new prison better because inmates in Colorado would yell at him and tell him to kill himself. Reports indicated inmates also threatened him. The DOC confirmed that Watts was transferred for safety reasons, KKTV reported. He was transferred in December 2018.

Today He Is in a Prison in Wisconsin Where He Keeps His Daughters’ Photos

Today Chris Watts is being held at a prison in Wisconsin, Dayton Daily News reported. A petition notes that he is at the WI DOC Dodge Correctional Institution.

This was confirmed by the DOC, KKTV reported. According to AETV, this is a maximum-security prison for only men that was once a psychiatric hospital.

Several people are known to regularly visit Chris Watts in prison, including a woman who only goes by Kate, Oxygen reported.  Watts said in an interview that he keeps photos of Shannan and children in his cell, Boston 25 reported. He said he reads one of his daughter’s books to the photos at night. Prison officials have said the photos don’t violate any policy, after a petition with more than 18,000 signatures requested the photos be removed.

The petition reads: “As taxpayers and members of the public, we are outraged that Chris Watts was allowed to have a photograph of the victims he was convicted of murdering, including his two minor children. Allowing a murderer to keep a trophy of his victims goes against the purpose and mission statement of the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, which emphasizes public safety and victim advocacy.”

Chris Watts’ Parents, Cindy & Ronnie Watts: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
Saturday, 25 January 2020 19:00

Chris Watts’ parents are Cindy and Ronnie Watts. They’ve spoken to the media about their son multiple times and their feelings about the crimes and the sentence he faces. Chris Watts confessed to killing his wife, Shannan Watts, their unborn baby, and their two daughters. He was sentenced to a life sentence after confessing in a plea deal.

Chris Watts is coming under the spotlight again with Lifetime’s new movie Chris Watts: Confession of a Killer, airing on January 25, 2020 at 8 p.m. Eastern.  Here are more details about his parents and what they have told the media.

1. Shortly After His Confession, They Said They Were Devastated

In an interview in November 2018, Ronnie and Cindy Watts spoke with Denver 7 about a week after Chris pleaded guilty to killing pregnant Shannan and their daughters Celeste and Bella. They said they were devastated but also did not believe the world knew Chris’s full story. Here’s a look at one of their interviews with Denver 7.

Cindy said: “He’s not a sociopath. He’s not a psychopath.” Cindy said she also asked Chris not to confess if he didn’t do it. She said he took the plea deal to save his life.

Ronnie Watts told Denver 7 about the case early on: “There’s a whole lot of unanswered questions about the case. Everything happened too quick there, from a case status to a plea.”

2. Chris Asked To Speak To His Dad Before His First Confession


Before Chris Watts confessed to murder, he asked to speak to his dad, reported. FBI Special Agent Grahm Coder said they offered to let him talk to Ronnie Watts in the interrogation room. Ronnie encouraged Chris to be honest about what happened.

3. His Mother Was Once Concerned That He Hadn’t Committed the Crimes, But He Confessed That He Had


Cindy told Denver 7: “He’s going to die in prison. I just want him to fight. I don’t want him to take this plea deal. I want him to plead not guilty to the children.” Cindy also said that if he did kill the family, there had to be some kind of trigger. And if he didn’t kill the children, she wanted him to face that too.

Chris Watts had claimed early on that he killed Shannan after seeing her strangle the children. But he later pleaded guilty to killing Shannan and his children. He described how he killed his daughters, saying that one begged for her life, Dayton Daily News reported.

4. They Told Chris in Court That They Forgave Him


In November 2018, his parents told Chris Watts in court that they forgave him, People reported. Their attorney read a letter that said: “We are not here to ask for leniency and are not in any way condoning or tolerating the crime that has occurred or the pain that has been caused…” His mother then said during the trial, “I have always loved you and I still do. We love you and forgive you son.” She also said that they were horrified by what he did.

Ronnie Watts also said he forgave Chris, People reported. He said: “The Bible says if we confess our sins, God is faithful and just and will forgive us. Chris, I forgive you and your sister forgives you and we will never abandon you.”

In their letter, they thanked Shannan Watts’ parents for not trying to get a death penalty against Chris Watts, People reported.

Cindy and Ronnie Watts said they were struggling to comprehend what happened, believing that Chris loved his children, People reported.

5. Cindy Said that Chris Wrote Her on Her Birthday

Cindy Watts was interviewed for an HLN special: Killer Dad: Chris Watts Speaks. She talked about how her son claimed he was changed and had found God, Boston 25 reported. You can see part of her interview below.


In July 2019,  Chris wrote a letter to his mother, asking her to ignore what people were saying, Oxygen reported. The letter was for her 64th birthday. He wrote, in part: “All kinds of people will form opinions because of this tragedy but what they say doesn’t matter. Their words should be like the wind. It comes and then it passes away.”


Joanne Tucker, Adam Driver’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
Saturday, 25 January 2020 19:00

Joanne Tucker is married to actor Adam Driver. Driver is set to host the first 2020 episode of Saturday Night Live on January 25, 2020.

Driver, a now well-known actor, was a marine before jumping into the performing arts full time. Thanks to the Star Wars sequel trilogy, shows like HBO’s Girls, and Marriage Story, it’s likely most people have an idea of who Driver is and what he looks like.

Tucker and Driver keep their marriage and personal life mostly low-key and private. They choose to stay out of the spotlight for the most part, but they can still be spotted at events and on the red carpet together.

Here’s what you should know about Tucker:

1. Tucker is an Actress

Joanne Tucker has 14 credits listed on her Internet Movie Database (IMDB) page. Her first professional acting credit was in 2010, when she portrayed Sara in After You Left, a short film.

She has since appeared on the TV series Billions for one episode called “The Deal” in 2016 and one episode of Girls, titled “Ruthie” in 2016. She has also been in the shorts Babes, Jack Heart Jump, and I’m Coming Over. Most recently, she portrayed Gretchen in The Report, a film that stars her husband.

Her most recent acting credit is for portraying Emma in Give or Takea film that is currently in post-production. The movie follows a New Yorker who goes home to Cape Cod to sell his late father’s home. He shares the home with his father’s live-in boyfriend and the two butt heads. The film was directed by Paul Riccio.

2. She and Driver Met at Julliard

Tucker’s husband started attending Julliard after an almost-three-year stint in The Marine Corps, from which he was medically discharged after dislocating his sternum. He had wanted to be an actor since graduating from high school, but he was originally rejected by the prestigious school. So, a few years later, when he finally got in, he met the woman who would later become his wife.

Tucker decided to go to Julliard after her mentor told her that if she really wanted to be an actor, she needed to go to graduate school. When she asked where she should go, she was told that she should go to Julliard. She said in a Julliard spotlight interview that she felt at home as soon as she stepped on campus.

“I guess when I got in, I felt really lucky, it’s a 0.05 percent acceptance rate for the drama division, I think,” she said. “Sort of like I was home in a way, and that this could actually be… a reality because I had the resource to make the connections that having a career as an actor are really hard to make.”

She went on to say she felt grateful and really lucky to attend.

3. They Got Married in 2013

GettyJoanne Tucker and Adam Driver attend the “Girls” season four series premiere at American Museum of Natural History on January 5, 2015 in New York City.

Driver and Tucker are known for keeping their personal life low-key. Neither of them have social media accounts, and they don’t usually talk to the press about that part of their lives. It’s no surprise, then, that the two were married in 2013 in a secret ceremony.

They went away to a destination wedding to keep away from private eyes. Reportedly, some of Driver’s co-stars attended the ceremony. Girls star Lena Dunham and her then-boyfriend were two of the guests that attended.

A source close to the couple told Us Weekly at the time that the two were very sweet together.

“They’ve been dating forever, years, and they live together; they’re very comfortable and in love. She was with him before the Girls fame,” the source said. “They both love theater and the arts. She respects him so much… Everyone on the show is very happy for them.”

4. Tucker and Driver Kept Their Son Secret for Two Years

GettyJoanne Tucker and husband Adam Driver attend the 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater on September 20, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

Like their wedding, the two kept their first pregnancy secret. They took it a step further in this case, not mentioning that they have a son together until he was two years old.

Driver slipped up in an interview with W Magazine in 2017, saying that he had a kid after mentioning he got a dog for his birthday because he hates Halloween. They adopted the dog on Halloween from a shelter in Long Island. The dog’s name is Moose.

“I look at my dog, but I don’t know that I could love anything more. Like, I have a kid, maybe, and be like, well… but the dog,” he laughed off the slip-up, not mentioning the child again.

Driver later confirmed to The New Yorker that he and Tucker have a son and they kept him secret in what he called “a military operation.” The story went public after the video mentioned above and also after Tucker’s sister made her Instagram account public and uploaded a photo including the back of Driver’s son’s head.

5. She Founded a Non-Profit With Her Husband

Tucker serves as the artistic director of the non-profit she and Driver founded. The non-profit is called Arts in the Armed Forces. They aim to bring theater productions to all branches of the military at U.S. installations both domestically and abroad.

The theater company chooses content that features diverse themes, ages, ethnicities, and experiences to better identify with their audience. The goal is “to use the powerfully emotional shared experience of the arts to start conversations capable of bringing the divides between military and civilian, service member and family member, the world of the arts, and the world of practical action.”

In summer 2018, the non-profit launched an internship program aimed at veterans who are currently enrolled full-time at a college or university. They offer a summer housing stipend comparable to what a student might receive as part of the GI bill and aim to create a rigorous, competitive program that offers an opportunity for a summer intern to relocate to New York City for the duration of their internship.

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Adam Driver’s Net Worth: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
Saturday, 25 January 2020 19:00

Adam Driver may be most well-known for his role as Kylo Ren/Ben Skywalker in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, but he has been steadily making his name outside of that saga in both television and film for nearly a decade. According to CelebrityNetWorth, Driver’s 2020 net worth is estimated at $10 million.

Driver is the first host of Saturday Night Live season 46, following season 45’s lineup that included Woody Harrelson and Eddie Murphy. This will be Driver’s third time hosting the show; he previously hosted in 2016 and 2018.

Driver had a financially incredible year in 2019. He starred in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the final film in the series’ Skywalker saga, and he has been nominated for many awards for his performance in the Netflix Original A Marriage Story, which also released in 2019.

Here’s what you should know about Driver’s net worth:

1. He Was a Marine Before Becoming an Actor

After graduating from Mishawaka High School in Mishawaka, Indiana in 2001, Driver worked as a door-to-door salesman selling Kirby vacuum cleaners and a telemarketer for a basement waterproofing company and Ben Franklin construction. During this time, he applied to Julliard School for drama, but he was rejected.

After that, he chose to drive to Los Angeles to start his acting career from the ground up, but he only made it as far as Texas before his car broke down and he had to spend all his money getting it fixed. He ended up driving to Santa Monica, staying for 48 hours, then turning around and driving all the way back to Mishawaka.

Soon after the September 11, 2001 attacks, Driver decided to enlist in the United States Marine Corps. He served for two years and eight months before being medically discharged for dislocating his sternum while mountain biking. He was a Lance Corporal at the time of his discharge.

“So, seventeen, Mishawaka, parent’s house, paying rent, selling vacuums, telemarketing, cutting grass at the local 4-H fairgrounds, this was my world going into September 2001,” he said in a 2016 TED Talk. “So after the 11th, and feeling an overwhelming sense of duty and just being p*ssed off in general at myself, my parents, the government, not having confidence, not having a respectable job… I joined the Marine Corps, and I loved it.”

According to, Lance Corporals in the Marine Corp earn $23,774 as a Yearly Base Pay. The pay for the position goes up after two years in the Marine Corps.

2. Driver Made Over $500,000 For The Rise of Skywalker

GettyGolden Globe nominees Adam Driver and Brad Pitt

According to Style Caster, Driver took home a mid-to-high six-figure salary for portraying Kylo Ren/Ben Solo in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. It’s important to note that that figure is based on reported salaries for his appearances in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. 

It is possible that Driver’s bring-home pay from TROS was quite a bit more than $500,000, but the numbers have not been made public.

The film itself grossed over $1 billion at the box office worldwide, making it Disney’s seventh film in 2019 to hit the 10-figure mark. It is one of the highest-grossing domestic film ever made. It is the 46th movie to ever make $1 billion at the box office with one of the best December openings on record.

3. He Was a Lead on HBO’s Girls

GettyAdam Driver

After graduating from The Julliard School, Driver starred in some Broadway and some off-Broadway productions. During this time, he also worked as a busboy and a waiter.

In 2012, Driver was cast for the HBO comedy-drama series Girls as Adam Sackler, an emotionally unstable boyfriend of the lead character. For his performances on the show, he received three nominations for the Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a comedy series.

He starred on Girls alongside Lena Dunham, who reportedly made around $150,000 an episode. He was a supporting actor, so it’s likely his payday wasn’t that large, but he most likely was paid generously for his time on the show.

4. Driver Founded a Non-Profit

In 2006, Driver started a non-profit alongside his wife, Joanne Tucker, called Arts in the Armed Forces. The goal of the non-profit is to bring theater to the military; the mission is to “use the powerful shared experience of the arts to start conversations between military and civilian, service member and family member, the world of the arts and the world of practical action.”

Driver currently serves on the board of the non-profit.

“I thought, how great would it be to create a space that combined these two seemingly dissimilar communities,” he said. “That brought entertainment to a group of people that, considering their occupation, could handle something a bit more thought-provoking than the typical mandatory fun events that I remember being ‘voluntold’ to go to in the military community.”

Arts in the Armed forces brings plays or monologues that are diverse in age and race, like a military audience is, and throws all the emphasis on the language instead of lights, costumes, and sets. They pride themselves on bringing exploration of humanity and self-expression to the military. They have gone all over the world with their performing artists.

“Whenever I get to be of service to this ultimate service community, the military, for me, again, there’s not many things better than that,” Driver said in his TED talk.

5. He and His Wife Eyed a $4 Million Brownstone

In January 2017, Driver and his wife, actress Joanne Tucker, were reportedly house hunting in Brooklyn. The two toured a townhome that was listed at $4.79 million.

The home had five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and comes with renovation plans. It was set to be transformed into a single-family mansion. The home, with it’s 5,500 square feet, also featured a cellar, high ceilings, a skylight over the center stairwell, and a garden. The home is now listed for sale at almost $7 million.

While it’s not clear if Driver and Tucker bought the home, it’s likely that the home they decided on was near the same price point.

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Unions face another year of eroding membership as the war on workers continues
Publisher:  Daily Kos
Saturday, 25 January 2020 19:00

The share of U.S. workers represented by a union ticked down slightly from 2018 to 2019, dropping from 11.7% to 11.6%; the share of U.S. workers who are union members also dropped from 10.5% to 10.3%. The overall number of workers represented by a union stayed about the same, growing by 3,000. (Interestingly, unions grew by 47,000 members in Missouri, hitting a 15-year high.)

While the picture for unions remains dim, after decades of decline, it’s worth noting that the Supreme Court’s anti-union Janus decision hasn’t—so far, anyway—dealt public-sector unions the intended death blow. “The meaningful decline in the union membership rate among local government workers (from 40.3% to 39.4%) might suggest Janus is having its intended effect. However, there was not a similar decline among state government workers,� the Economic Policy Institute reports. But “The share of state government workers who are members of unions rose substantially between 2018 and 2019, from 28.6% to 29.4%.�

� Barstool Sports settles with labor board over anti-union tweets.

� DoorDash drivers make an average of $1.45 an hour, analysis finds.

� Retail chain Lids has settled with managers for $1.2 million in unpaid overtime.

� Workers went on strike for fair wages at a New Jersey Ikea.

� American Family Insurance is raising its minimum wage from $15 to $20—giving 1,700 workers a raise. And $5 an hour is a serious raise!

� New Jersey could make overtime pay—by creating a stronger overtime rule than the Trump administration’s rollback of the Obama policy. New York, California, and Washington have already done so.

� Paraeducators join the national uprising of school employees. Basically, read everything Barbara Madeloni writes, please. Check her out at Labor Notes.




Hallmark’s ‘Hearts of Winter’: See Where It’s Filmed & Meet the Cast
Saturday, 25 January 2020 19:00

Hallmark is continuing its Winterfest TV movie series with Hearts of Winter, starring Jill Wagner, Victor Webster, and Rukiya Bernard. Read on to learn all about the cast, where it was filmed, and see behind-the-scenes photos. This article will have minor spoilers in terms of photos from the movie, behind-the-scenes pictures, and film locations. 

Hearts of Winter premieres Saturday, January 25 at 9 p.m. Eastern (8 p.m. Central.) Encores will air on January 26 at 7 p.m. Eastern and January 29 at 6 p.m. Eastern.

To find out what channel Hallmark is on for you, click here to go to TV Guide’s listings. Then change the “Provider” (right under TV Listings) to your local provider. You’ll be able to scroll down to see what channel Hallmark is on for you.

The synopsis for tonight’s movie reads: “An interior designer brings new life to the house of a widower and his daughter and finds love in the process.”

‘Hearts of Winter’ Was Filmed in Canada

Hearts of Winter was filmed in Canada. Grant’s lodge is the fictional Windemere Mountain Lodge, but it’s actually filmed in Windermere, British Columbia, according to a post on Instagram by the Hallmark Channel.

Some filming also took place at the Panorama Mountain Resort, Hallmark noted in its post. This resort is also in British Columbia, and you can visit yourself.

The producer is really proud of his work, as you can see in this post he shared.

The movie was filmed in November.

Meet The Cast for ‘Hearts of Winter’

Crown Media

Jill Wagner stars as Bethany. She was recently on Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses in November, and stars in Mystery 101. She has starred in many other Hallmark productions, including Pearl in Paradise, the 2017 Hallmark Christmas movie Maggie’s Christmas Miracle,  Christmas in Evergreen 2, and more

Wagner has a long list of credits to her name, including Handcrafted America, Wipeout, A Harvest Wedding, Teen Wolf, Wolf Watch, Christmas Cookies, Autumn Dreams, Punk’d, Splinter, and more. She honors her father, a veteran, by traveling overseas to support the troops. She’s also involved in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and her own Jill’s Closet for a Cure, which has raised thousands.

Crown Media

Victor Webster stars as Grant. He was in Hallmark’s Homegrown Christmas in December 2018. His many credits include Wings Over Everest, Matchmaker Mysteries, Workin’ Moms (Mike), A Harvest Wedding, Chesapeake Shores (Douglas), Younger, Home for Christmas Day, Love Blossoms, Paradise Inc., Summer Villa, Continuum (Carlos), Project: SERA, Christmas Icetastrophe, Cracked, Castle (Josh), Melrose Place (Caleb), Lincoln Heights, Charmed (Coop), Related, Mutant X (Brennan for 66 episodes), Days of Our Lives (Nicholas Alamain), and Sunset Beach (Roger), and much more.

Victor Webster and another Hallmark favorite, Luke Macfarlane, look a lot alike, so if you got them confused today, you’re not the only one.

Crown Media

Rukiya Bernard stars as Emerson. Last year she was in Hallmark’s One Winter ProposalShe was also in Christmas in Evergreen 3 in November. Her other credits include Van Helsing, Stagers, Christmas in Evergreen, Debbie Macomber’s Dashing Through the Snow, The Gourmet Detective, Ungodly Acts, Accidental Obsession, Just the Way You Are, Supernatural, Proof, Intruders, Witches of East End, R.L. Stine’s Haunting Hour, Wonder, The Cabin in the Woods, Tooth Fair, The Day the Earth Stood Still, and more.

Crown Media Lauren McNamara, Jill Wagner, Victor Webster

Lauren McNamara (above, left) stars as Zoe. She was in Falling for Vermont in 2017 and Welcome to Christmas in 2018. She also starred in Wedding of Dreams in 2018. She started acting in commercials at the age of 9. Some of her other credits include Aftermath, A Sister’s Nightmare, and more.

Also starring in the movie are:

  • Michael Karl Richards (Joel)
  • Brendon Zub (Ryder)
  • Emma Pedersen (Lisa)
  • Pauline Egan (Sullivan)
  • Nathalie Von Rotsburg (Shop Owner)
  • Jake Guy (Production Assistant)
  • Lauren Jackson (Skating Coach)

Here are some more photos from the movie.

Crown Media

Crown Media

Crown Media

Crown Media

Crown Media

Want to stay updated on Hallmark shows and movies that this author writes about? You can join the author’s email list for updates; choose the Hallmark option and you will only receive updates about Hallmark news.

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