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Tony Romo has reportedly agreed to record-setting deal that would pay him $17 million a year to stay with CBS as broadcaster
Publisher:  business insider
Saturday, 29 February 2020 00:41

Tony Romo

  • Tony Romo is reportedly set to sign a record-setting deal to remain the lead color-commentator at CBS.
  • According to Andrew Marchand at the New York Post, Romo has agreed to terms on a deal that would pay him $17 million annually to call games alongside Jim Nantz.
  • The deal would set Romo up to make more money as a broadcaster than he ever did as a player, and reset the market for top broadcasters at other networks, as well as for potential free agents like Peyton Manning.
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Tony Romo has secured the bag.

According to Andrew Marchand at the New York Post, Romo has agreed to a deal worth $17 million a year to keep him as a part of the top broadcast crew at CBS.

The deal would reset the market for broadcasters, since Romo's earnings would far surpass those of previous highly paid commentators, such as John Madden and Jon Gruden. While the precise length is not yet known, Marchand reported that the long-term deal is for "significantly more than five years," and would set Romo up to make more money during his broadcasting career than he did as an NFL quarterback. Romo made more than $127 million during his 14 years with the Dallas Cowboys.

CBS made the impressive offer to prevent Romo from becoming a free agent in the broadcast marketplace, according to Marchand.

Romo's contract with the network was set to end in March. Some rumors suggested ESPN might poach Romo with a deal worth $20 million annually, Marchand reported, in order to improve the network's bid to become part of the Super Bowl broadcast rotation. ESPN disputed that its offer would come close to such a number, however.

However, Romo now seems likely to remain alongside Jim Nantz calling the top game on CBS for the foreseeable future.

Romo first stepped into the booth in 2017 after retiring from the NFL, and made an immediate impression on viewers across the league by offering an astounding level of insight. He has a near-paranormal ability to predict how a play will unfold before the ball is snapped.

If Romo is indeed locked in with CBS, other networks would be left to figure out their next moves — and that could mean a monster offer for Peyton Manning, who has long been rumored as a possible heir to the "Monday Night Football" broadcast booth at ESPN.

CBS will once again host the broadcast of the Super Bowl in 2021. With his new deal, Romo would make more money than the majority of the players on the field.

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ISL 2019-20: The rise of Brandon Fernandes at FC Goa
Publisher: News - English - America
Saturday, 29 February 2020 00:39

The Goan deserves another pat on his back for his excellent run this season

Fri Feb 28 '20 Announcement from SkyTrek Smart Luggage with Vertical Opening
Publisher:  Indiegogo: Announcements
Saturday, 29 February 2020 00:38

Hi Travelers,

Sorry for keeping you waiting for such a long time. The sole reason why we didn't update in the last 3 weeks is that our manufacturer couldn’t resume to work as normal due to COVID-19 epidemic. According to the national health and hygiene bureau, the number of reported cases has been getting flat recently and will probably go downward in coming weeks. Our manufacturer just resumed to work with an extra precaution few days ago but they still need some time to get the production at full steam. No matter what, we are keeping the ball running forward. Please find our latest updates as below :)

PCB Material - Our manufacturer have received all PCB material today and will start assembling right away. The problem is the shortfall of labor force these days which will result in getting the pace of mass production slow.

Mass Production - We visited our 2 manufacturers yesterday and signed the contract with both of them. (one is responsible for the accessories built inside the interior section of luggage; another one is responsible for the outer shell of luggage) In accordance with the signed contract with factories, they will deliver our orders around 15 April. Even they started the work as we mentioned, they still need time to restore the production capacity to normal level. So, we anticipate that the earliest ship date we can perform will be around 20 April. In short, you may expect to receive your Skytrek smart luggage towards end April to beginning of May. Please kindly understand the situation we have here and accept our sincere apology for the unexpected delay due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Many thanks in advance,

SkyTrek Team

NCIS: Los Angeles cast ready to debut Offset in exciting new role
Publisher:  Monsters and Critics
Saturday, 29 February 2020 00:34

Offset NCIS
Rapper Offset guest-starring on NCIS: Los Angeles Season 11, Episode 16. Pic credit: CBS

The NCIS: Los Angeles cast is going to have some interesting guest-stars appearing in the new episode this Sunday night.

Rapper Offset will be one of the guest stars for Season 11, Episode 16, when he appears as an undercover CIA agent. It could be interesting, especially given the fun that LL Cool J posted on social media about them having together on set.

This will also continue the trend of supporting characters being added to the NCIS: Los Angeles cast for the back end of Season 11.

In the last episode, Bar Paly reappeared as Anna Kolcheck, revealing a dramatic plot point that also spelled the return of Darius Reznikov Comescu. In the closing moments, we learned that Anna was sticking around in the apartment of Callen (Chris O’Donnell).

NCIS: Los Angeles cast for Alsiyadun

The new episode for Sunday, March 1 is called Alsiyadum. This is the 16th one for Season 11 and it will revolve around Special Agent Fatima Namazi (played by Medalion Rahimi) getting captured on a mission.

According to CBS, Callen and Sam will enlist a deep undercover CIA agent, Kadri (guest star Kiari “Offset� Cephus), to help get her back.

Offset hasn’t done a lot of acting before, but it will be fun to see what he can do in this new role. He is best known for his musical career, though, as a member of the hip hop and trap music trio, Migos.

The return of Special Agent Fatima Namazi

Actress Medalion Rahimi has been seen on nine prior episodes of NCIS: L.A. as Fatima. It has been revealed that she is going to be a recurring player as the rest of the season plays out on CBS.

The storyline for Sunday night appears to be an exciting one, setting the stage to show what Fatima can really do for the team and putting Rahimi in an interesting spot to show what she can do as an actress.

Before she joined the NCIS: L.A. cast, Rahimi also appeared on an episode of NCIS: New Orleans. And before that, she played Wren on My Dead Ex and Princess Isabella on Still Star-Crossed.

Now, she is back to star on the show, but first, she needs to be saved from the bag guys by Sam, Callen, and the new CIA agent played by Offset.

Can Offset save the day? The video below shares some behind-the-scenes footage of him getting ready for his CBS debut.

NCIS: Los Angeles airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on CBS.

Zimmer's goal helps Badgers beat No. 10 Ohio State
Publisher:  FOX Sports
Saturday, 29 February 2020 00:31

Max Zimmer's third period goal helped the Wisconsin Badgers take down No. 10 Ohio State 3-2

Knicks didn’t invite Marv Albert to NBA title anniversary bash
Publisher:  New York Post
Saturday, 29 February 2020 00:28

It is not what Marv Albert had in mind. The Knicks, for the March 21 celebration of the 50th anniversary of their 1969-70 championship, chose not to invite Albert — the radio voice of the team and the author of one of the most legendary calls in sportscasting history. “It would’ve been nice to see...

No. 24 Arizona State women beat California 77-54
Publisher:  FOX Sports
Saturday, 29 February 2020 00:24

Jamie Ruden scored 18 points and Eboni Walker had 11 points and 13 rebounds to help No. 24 Arizona State beat California 77-54

LeBron James’ Chidhood Prepared Lakers PG for NBA & Critics Reveals Author
Saturday, 29 February 2020 00:24

The Los Angeles Lakers‘ LeBron James is a true ambassador of the NBA.

A native of Akron, Ohio, James was the Cleveland Cavaliers’ first pick in the 2003 NBA Draft out of Akron’s St. Vincent-St. Mary’s High School.

James has won three NBA Finals rings and chasing his fourth with his Los Angeles Lakers teammates Anthony Davis, Kyle Kuzma, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Dwight Howard.

For those keeping score at home: LeBron James won his last ring in 2016 for his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers. Currently the NBA’s league leader assists, James previously won two rings as a member of the Big 3 Era Miami Heat who also featured James’ 2003 NBA Draft class peers, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade.

Appearing on the Scoop B Radio Podcast, esteemed author Roland Lazenby discussed where James is currently in his career. currently in his career.

A hoops historian, Lazenby has written books on the 90s era Chicago Bulls and their icon Michael Jordan.

We also discussed how LeBron James’ upbringing prepared him for the NBA.

Check out our Q&A below:

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson: How did LeBron James’ upbringing prepare him for the NBA?

Roland Lazenby: LeBron has been major, major, major godsend for American professional basketball as a player obviously, really as THE MAN. As the person he’s a standup guy and he’s done this by incorporating high school teammates, he’s really formed a power base, and he’s claiming power in an unprecedented fashion. And I really like to write about black power not the black power of protest but, the black power of through things like the NBA and different areas because it’s a big cultural thing and I think LeBron is – I can’t imagine anybody else leading that better. People all over the planet love him, he’s a great salesman for shoes, phones or whatever but he’s not that deep, charismatic figure like Jordan. I mean Jordan was like – Sonny Vaccaro would call it the ‘IT’ factor. Kobe had it too, but Kobe – when Kobe came in he was still a punk and I don’t mean it in a derogatively but he was just 18. Kobe likes to use the phrase: ‘grown ass man’. Well he wasn’t a grown ass man when he came in. And so he required between that and the misunderstanding that how he got there. He acquired a lot of disrespect. That probably ended up being the fuel for him, but he’s gotta get it from somewhere…but I will tell you, LeBron has – his legacy will be just not a great competitor but as a great, great ambassador – you know I went to Virginia Military Institute and the whole concept there is the: Citizen Soldier. They’re a bunch of career Army guys, military guys that come out, but there’s not a lot of guys that do their three or four years and go on to civilian life. We call them Citizen Soldiers. Well I would say that LeBron is a 1st Grade Citizen Athlete. He’s not running around like he’s Mr. Goody Two Shoes, he’s got a lot of edge to him. He doesn’t put up with a lot of crap culturally, he’s got the appropriate edge, for someone to finish school in this culture – for someone who had none of that, the big thing in LeBron’s life was to get to move into public housing at 12 years old. He had a place that now he was close to his mother. That was a big thing. One of the complaints was that he was so coddled he really never had to fight – but I guess you could say that about everybody. If you want to make sweeping statements about a generation, you might try to say that about his generation. It’s bs. He’s had to fight plenty. He just knows how to win. Those types. You know what I’m sayin?

U.S. prep for coronavirus challenged by resource limitations
Publisher:  msnbc
Saturday, 29 February 2020 00:18

Donald McNeil, science and health reporter for the New York Times, talks with Rachel Maddow about the staffing and equipment that may be necessary to handle an outbreak of coronavirus in the United States and where the U.S. is facing challenges in meeting

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Watch The ‘Wastelanders’ Gameplay From PAX East
Publisher:  Forbes Real Time
Saturday, 29 February 2020 00:17

“We get to go back to the strengths of Bethesda,� said lead designer Ferret Baudoin.

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