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2022 Toyota Supra: The 2-Liter Is Fully Passionate
Publisher:  Forbes Real Time
Sunday, 14 August 2022 21:14

The 2-liter Toyota is less powerful, less feature-packed and obviously less expensive than its 3-liter counterpart, but doesn’t lack the same spirit of the iconic model and still manages to check several boxes.

Six Flags Great America Shooting Video in Gurnee, Illinois
Sunday, 14 August 2022 21:09

Three people were shot in the parking lot at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois, according to CBS Chicago.

The shooting reports broke out on the evening of August 14, 2022, at the popular theme park. Their conditions are not clear. The motive is not, either. There is no yet word on any suspect or suspects as word of a possible active shooter or shooter spread throughout the park.

Videos showed panic at the scene.

Here’s what you need to know:

Video Emerged of People Hiding at the Scene

Video from the scene circulated on social media. One site wrote of reports that there was an “Active shooter at Six Flags as Dozen of cop cars and multiple ambulances” were requested for “multiple victims.”

‘Shooting Up Six Flags Is Insane,’ Wrote One Person

People wrote about the shooting scare on Twitter.

“shooting up six flags is insane ☠️” wrote one person.

“my friends go to six flags all summer. this is so scary first the shooting on the 4th and now the shooting at 6 flags. this is terrifying pls be safe!” wrote another.

‘Tales Of The Walking Dead’ Episode 1 Review: Corny, Pointless And Weird
Publisher:  Forbes Real Time
Sunday, 14 August 2022 21:08

There is a version of tonight’s episode of Tales Of The Walking Dead that I might have actually enjoyed.

‘Tales of the Walking Dead’: Terry Crews on Joining TWD, Working With Olivia Munn, and the Best Dog Actor Ever
Publisher:  Decider
Sunday, 14 August 2022 21:08

Plus, Crews discusses how his real-life upbringing in Flint, Michigan influenced his take on the show.

The 4 Best Bra Wash Bags
Publisher:  Bustle
Sunday, 14 August 2022 21:07

While hand washing is always an option, if you’re going to wash your bras in a washer and dryer, you’ll want to invest in a mesh wash bag. It’s a cheap solution that protects your not-so-cheap delicates from getting snagged, ripped, or tangled in the washing machine. The best bra wash bags are made from premium (read: durable) mesh and are the right size for your needs.

Almost every wash bag you’re going to come across on the market will be made from some kind of mesh. The key to remember here is that the smaller the holes in the mesh, the better. Smaller mesh holes still let water and soap in to clean your materials, but do a better job of protecting your fabrics and make for a more durable bag in the long run.

This may go without saying but, not all wash bags may cater to your cup size. Consider the size and shape of your bras when choosing a bag. While any wash bag will get the job done, shell-shaped or cylinder-shaped bags are specifically designed for washing bras and will work to keep the shape of your bra intact while you wash it.

You also don’t want your bags unzipping or ripping themselves in the wash. That defeats the purpose. The best bra wash bags that are securely zip-locked. They’ll further maintain their shape in a bag that is lined with plastic. Additionally, Tide recommends fastening the bra before putting it in your wash bag and to let it air dry flat once it's done washing.

Here are some of the best wash bags for your bras to best fit your personal laundry preferences.

1. The Overall Best

Laundry Science Premium Bra Wash Bags (3-Pack)

These bra wash bags from Laundry Science are one of the most popular solutions, and come in multiple sizes for bras ranging from an A cup to a G cup. These are double-lined with 7-gram micromesh for a durable design that still allows your bras to get clean in a washing machine. A hooded zipper won’t snag your delicates and a plastic cupped frame preserves the shape of your bras. These are far and away the most popular bra wash bags you can find.

According to one reviewer: “These work well enough that I've actually started machine washing my nice bras. With other bra wash bags, I used to only machine wash sports bras, since I didn't trust them to keep my regular bras safe. These are a good size (I can fit one underwire DD bra in each side of the bag, without deforming anything) and close very securely. They're structured enough that I don't worry about things getting crushed or smooshed around, even in my very rough top-loading washer, and even molded cups come out looking pretty much perfect.�

  • Dimensions: 6.5. by 6.5 inches (A — D cup) or 8 by 8 inches (D — G cup)
  • Quantity: 3
  • Shape: Cylinder

2. The Best Value

GOGOODA Mesh Laundry Bags (7-Pack)

If you’re looking to get more use out of your mesh laundry bag than just washing bras, then consider these sets from GoGooda. This set of seven includes five mesh bags and two cylinder bra bags. Not only are they great for washing your delicate bras, but you can also wash anything from window curtains to dresses in these bags. The diamond structure mesh is tear-resistant and ensures durability and long-lasting performance. The zippers fit neatly into special tabs so the bags can’t accidentally open during the laundry cycle or catch on to something in your machine.

According to one reviewer: “This pack is an excellent mix of sizes and styles. The zippers seem to be sturdy and open and close easily. The fabric has a good weave with enough space to allow water and detergent to flow through while washing, but not tear or snag on anything. I’ve used them for bras, panties, socks, face masks, tops and skirts that I wanted to separate from other items in the load. An excellent buy for me.�

  • Dimensions: 12 by 16 inches (2), 16 by 20 inches (2), 24 by 24 inches (1), and 8 by 7 inches for bras A — G cups (2)
  • Quantity: 7
  • Shape: Cylinder and square

3. The Expert Pick

Tenari Delicates Laundry Bags (3-Pack)

According to the product testers at Wirecutter, Tenari’s wash bags are the way to go, which are made of 100% polyester and are tear-resistant. This set of three are easy to use both as laundry bags and to tuck into suitcases to throw your dirty clothes in. They also have hooks that allow you to hang them up, making them easy to care and store. While there are other bags on this list that offer more options in both size and shape, these rectangular bags are a solid option that is versatile from everything to clothes, bras, to linens. These are also a generous size, so most bra sizes should fit easily in them to wash.

According to one reviewer: “I needed a new lingerie bag. And boy, oh boy, I was not prepared for all the options. However, once I made a decision and purchased these, I couldn't be happier. They are the perfect size, not too big and not too small. They would easily accommodate a T-shirt without overcrowding or a couple of bras. I like how the zipper is on the long side of the rectangle, making it easier to get items in and out. The fabric and zipper seem sturdy. These are the Goldilocks of lingerie bags — they're just right!�

  • Dimensions: 15.5 by 11.5 inches
  • Quantity: 3
  • Shape: Rectangle

4. The Editor’s Pick

BAGAIL Mesh Laundry Bags (5-Pack)

Bustle editor Caroline Goldstein uses BAGAIL’s mesh laundry bags for her own delicates. She suggests, “If you were more type-A than I am, you could assign a color to your garments (orange for bras, pink for underwear, whatever) to make the sorting process easier.� These are made from a premium-grade mesh that is durable enough to last through many cycles. They also come in three different sizes so you’ll have your bases covered regardless of the size of your bra.

According to one reviewer: “These bags were surprisingly great quality, much higher than the brand name ones I previously owned, and the zipper is extremely smooth and secure with an extra little elastic tab to keep the zipper closed. The material of the mesh is VERY nice and thick, yet dries very fast and allows items inside to get washed very easily. I also really like the variety of sizes that came in the pack, with some that are very large and can fit multiple sweaters!�

  • Dimensions: 16 by 12 inches, 20 by 16 inches (2), 24 by 24 inches (2)
  • Quantity: 5
  • Shape: Square

The New Artificial Intelligence Supply Chain: Happiness Ecosystems(Blog Series #1)
Publisher:  Forbes Real Time
Sunday, 14 August 2022 21:07

This blog series focus on the New AI Supply Chain: Happiness Ecosystems and identifies the facts accelerating the importance of happiness and underscores the leadership imperative to build stronger corporate cultures, processes and practices to accelerate the growth of Happiness Production Systems.

Ref: **FWEEEET** "Holding, number seven on the offense, penalty five yards, replay the down." Coach: "Five yards? FIVE YARDS?? How about Nine Millimeters??" [Scary]
Publisher:  Fark
Sunday, 14 August 2022 21:05

Scary [link] [3 comments]

Franco Fragapane scores a goal to give Minnesota the lead over Nashville SC
Publisher:  FOX Sports
Sunday, 14 August 2022 21:04

Franco Fragapane scores a goal to give Minnesota United FC the 1-0 lead over Nashville SC.

Kaley Cuoco opens up about ‘super dark time’ after Karl Cook divorce, staged her own intervention
Publisher:  Monsters and Critics
Sunday, 14 August 2022 21:04

kaley cuoco talks divorce and intervention
kaley cuoco talks divorce and intervention
Kaley Cuoco opened up about a dark time in her life following her latest divorce from equestrian Karl Cook. Pic credit: © Sadou/AdMedia

Kaley Cuoco is opening up about a dark period in her life following her divorce from equestrian Karl Cook.

The Flight Attendant actress was filming Season 2 of the popular HBO Max show while her second marriage was ending.

The Big Bang Theory alum revealed that stress manifested physically, with rashes and mobility issues.

Kaley told Variety, “It was the first time that I started therapy — I’ve been very open about that. I started at the beginning of Season 2, just because I was going through so much right before we started shooting. It was horrible.”

She continued, “And I developed a stress rash that ran all the way down my body for three straight months that wouldn’t go away. I literally, like, had fire on my leg for three months. I could barely walk.”

Kaley immersed herself into the role of lead character Cassie Bowden, who was also going through a tough time.

Kaley Cuoco’s character Cassie Bowden was also depressed

Kaley revealed, “Going through my divorce, it was really a super dark time. I just didn’t know how to deal with it. I was throwing myself into work to deny my depression, and how upset I was. Unfortunately, the character was so depressed that it wasn’t helping me! I was really, really, really struggling. A lot of tears.”

Kaley finally realized that she needed help.

She shared, “One month in, I had an intervention on myself in my trailer — all my producers were in there. And I said, “I need help.â€� It was interesting to say that out loud. And to have everyone be like, ‘Yes, we want to help!’ I’m a working woman, and so independent, and I really take pride in being able to do everything. Well, this time, I literally couldn’t.”

Kaley Cuoco has been married twice

At 36 years old, Kaley now has two failed marriages under her belt. 

Kaley’s first marriage was to professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting. Kaley and Ryan got engaged three months after the two were first spotted together. The lovers married on New Year’s Day 2014, but things quickly went sour. In September 2015, Kaley filed for divorce because of irreconcilable differences. 

Months after her divorce from Ryan in 2016, she moved on to equestrian Karl Cook. Karl and Kaley wed in June 2018 with a gorgeous ceremony in San Diego. Kaley and Karl lived separately for most of the marriage before they moved in together in 2020.

Unfortunately, the two revealed their split in September 2021, the second time Kaley announced the end of her marriage in September. The divorce was final in June. 

Kaley could learn from Eva Longoria, who is in her third marriage, which she believes to be the final one. Eva recently revealed on the Connections podcast that her first two marriages failed due to a lack of maturity and high levels of jealousy. However, at 40, she found her forever partner, Mexican businessman José Bastón.

With four years until she hits 40, Kaley has time.

Today’s ‘Heardle’ Answer And Clues For Monday, August 15
Publisher:  Forbes Real Time
Sunday, 14 August 2022 21:00

Here's today's 'Heardle' song, along with some hints.

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