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man finds honey under his home's floor
Source:  Live Leak
Sunday, 23 July 2017 00:51

instead of insects.

Barcelona pre-season fixtures: Complete summer tour & match schedule
Source: News - English - America
Sunday, 23 July 2017 00:50

Ernesto Valverde will contest his first Clasico as head coach abroad as the Catalan club take part in the International Champions Cup in America

A Mets’ silver lining is coming from an unlikely source
Source:  New York Post
Sunday, 23 July 2017 00:47

It isn’t easy to find a silver lining in a team that has disappointed as much as the Mets, even after an uplifting 6-5 win over the A’s on Saturday night. But if that silver lining does exist, it comes in the form of Jose Reyes. In the second inning of Saturday night’s contest, Reyes...

What's Next For U.S.-China Trade After Collapse Of Talks
Source:  Forbes Real Time
Sunday, 23 July 2017 00:46

Relations with Beijing are spiraling down fast, and the Trump administration is not trying to cover up the rapid deterioration.

Yankees may be a doorstep team — and that’s more than OK
Source:  New York Post
Sunday, 23 July 2017 00:43

Sometimes, the doorstep can be every bit as satisfying as the real thing. Maybe the Yankees will fool us. Maybe this infusion of relief pitching really will catapult them to bigger and better things, and maybe they can figure out a way to bypass the Astros and the Dodgers both, win what would have to...

Sat Jul 22 '17 Announcement from Dharavi Artroom - Musicwallahs Project
Source:  Indiegogo: Announcements
Sunday, 23 July 2017 00:43

Dear all,


$4,000+ raised! Thanks again to everyone who has donated and has been part of this program. Two weeks in to teaching now, and everything has gone very well. I am teaching 10 kids, and have just finished teaching them the theory of music, which they all seem to be picking up on very quickly. Initially there was a slight language barrier, as they don't understand English perfectly, which does pose its problems from time to time. However, these children are also picking up English skills as time progresses. I will soon start to teach the children how to utilise the laptops effectively, and the melodies these children are writing which I have heard are sounding very promising, especially for a first composition. It's astonishing the amount of material and knowledge these children have absorbed in only the space of two weeks (it took me two years!) and I hope to progress at and fast rate.


Thanks again,


Sat Jul 22 '17 Announcement from Toddler Tartare
Source:  Indiegogo: Announcements
Sunday, 23 July 2017 00:43

I've ordered the last two body parts we need!  And a chef's outfit.  And the fake meat cleavers.  And found a yet another brilliant AWI actor, Tyree Cobbins to play the cooks.  We have a burlap sack perfect for our baby.  Next weekend, in addition to the second rehearsal, I'm doing green screen testing with Darlene and Ed to make sure I can deliver for the shoot.  Oh, and then there are the restaurant patrons at the other tables, in addition to Ed and Darlene.  John Carey, Scott Smith, and Mike Pucek.  I might be able to rope in a coworker to be the corpse.  Otherwise, Scott Smith is a willing sacrifice!

We're at 39% already!  I'm really happy at the progress so far!  Thanks so much, everyone who's offered their support so far!

Masayoshi Son considering massive Uber stake
Source:  New York Post
Sunday, 23 July 2017 00:43

Moneybags Masayoshi Son is seriously considering throwing some of his billions into troubled rideshare company Uber, sources told On the Money. Son was recently in Sun Valley, Idaho, powwowing with the likes of Warren Buffett and John Malone, who together are tossing around the idea of investing alongside each other, according to the Wall Street...

What Russia Does Not Want You to See: Kremlin Tops List for Flagging Google Content
Source:  Newsvine
Sunday, 23 July 2017 00:40

Russian President Vladimir Putin is not a fan of the internet. Not long ago he described the World Wide Web as a “CIA project” that Russia must be protected from. Meanwhile his government agencies are frenetically scouring Google, flagging and bidd …

Meghan McCain shares photo of hike with John McCain
Source:  ABC
Sunday, 23 July 2017 00:40

She calls it an "amazing hike."

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