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Uber to potential recruit: 'Sexism is systemic in tech and other industries'
Source:  Mashable
Friday, 24 March 2017 14:29


Uber is failing at step one: Admit you have a problem. 

The latest example comes via a tweet from Kamilah Taylor, a senior software engineer and coauthor of Women In Tech, who was recently approached by Uber hiring's team with a job offer. 

@nrrrdcore 🙄 You should see this actual exchange I had with a hiring manager there a couple weeks

— kamilah taylor ⚡️ (@kamilah) March 22, 2017

So per Uber HR, they do "understand" the concern of "Uber's questionable business practices and sexism," as Taylor brilliantly phrased it. Read more...

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The Munich polar bear cub has a name: Quintana
Source:  AOL
Friday, 24 March 2017 14:29

A polar bear cub at Munich zoo has been named Quintana. After the upset of Berlin's polar bear cub Fritz, heir of famous Berlin polar bear Knut, dying of complications from a liver inflammation at the tender age of only four months two weeks ago, all eyes and hopes were on the little white rascal at the Munich Hellabrunn zoo.


Erato’s Muse 5 wireless in-ear headphones give AirPods a run for their money
Source:  VicksWeb News
Friday, 24 March 2017 14:28

Apple’s AirPods are probably the first really mainstream completely wireless headphones, but Erato has been making these for a while now. The company’s latest is the Muse 5, a set of in-ear buds that are cheaper than their debut Apollo 7 option, but still come with a charging case and very …

Elgato Stream Deck Smart Home Control Panel (video)
Source:  VicksWeb News
Friday, 24 March 2017 14:28

Elgato has designed a new piece of hardware which has been specifically created to provide a quick way of controlling your home entertainment centre, …

The 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' poster leans into Spidey's Avengers connection
Source:  Mashable
Friday, 24 March 2017 14:28


Spider-Man: Homecoming brings us our third Spider-Man in 15 years, but this webslinger's got something his predecessors didn't: a hookup to the Avengers. 

The new poster makes that crystal-clear, positioning the Avengers tower smack-dab in the middle of the Manhattan skyline. 

Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is there, too, chillin' like a villain on the water's edge. 

Homework can wait. The city can’t#SpiderManHomecoming

— Spider-Man (@SpiderManMovie) March 24, 2017

In addition to his signature blue-and-red suit, Spider-Man's rocking a bright yellow blazer emblazoned with his school's insignia. And while the caption – "Homework can wait. The city can't" – suggests he's got a lot on his plate right now, he seems to be taking a break to soak in some sun. Read more...

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The week's best photojournalism
Source:  The Week
Friday, 24 March 2017 14:28

The flower fields of Carlsbad, California. | (REUTERS/Mike Blake)

Police forensic teams search Parliament Square after the terror attack in London. | (EPA/ANDY RAIN)

President Trump breaks from a meeting with truck drivers and trucking CEOs to sit in an 18-wheeler in Washington, D.C. | (EPA/JIM LO SCALZO)

A 12-day-old impala calf stands with its mother and fellow impalas at the Veszprem Zoo, Hungary. | (EPA/Boglarka Bodnar)

A staged mutiny at a juvenile correctional facility in Guatemala City. | (EPA/ESTEBAN BIBA)

A worker at Poco Azul cavern searches for tourists' dropped belongings in Bahia, Brazil. | (REUTERS/Pilar Olivares)

A man sells balloons during Nowroz Day celebrations in Kabul, Afghanistan. | (REUTERS/Omar Sobhani)

A newborn elephant calf walks with its mother and another herd member in the Cologne Zoo, Germany. | (EPA/FRIEDEMANN VOGEL)

Belarusians dance near a bonfire during the "Gukannie Vjasny" (spring calling) holiday in the village of Ozertso, Belarus. | (EPA/TATYANA ZENKOVICH)

Boys play in an abandoned car in the yard of an orphanage in Sanaa, Yemen. | (REUTERS/Khaled Abdullah)

Greyhounds compete at Wimbledon Stadium in London. | (REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth)

A baby sleeps in a hammock on a lake-side promenade in Mumbai, India. | (REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui)

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Florida State talent exodus continues as Jonathan Isaac declares for NBA Draft
Source:  CBS Sports
Friday, 24 March 2017 14:28

Isaac is expected to be lottery pick in the 2017 NBA Draft

Canyon Barry: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
Friday, 24 March 2017 14:27

Canyon Barry of the Florida Gators (Getty)

Florida senior Canyon Barry learned it all from his dad, Rick.

With such a wealth of knowledge available daily from the NBA Hall of Famer, who could blame him?

Rick led the NCAA in scoring when he attended the University of Miami (Florida) and didn’t slow down at all once he got to the NBA. He was taken second overall by the San Francisco Warriors in the 1965 NBA Draft and immediately made an impact. He was named the NBA Rookie of the Year in 1966 and led the league in scoring two seasons later in 1967. He also had a long-tenured career in the ABA.

Through his professional career, Rick averaged 24.8 points, 6.7 rebounds and 4.9 assists. He won an NBA championship in 1975 with the Warriors and was named the MVP.

But most stunning about his resume is his 90 percent free-throw shooting. He did it in quite an unorthodox style: underhanded.

Now, his specialty technique has been handed down to his youngest son, Canyon.

Here’s what you need to know about Canyon and Rick:

1. Canyon Learned to Shoot Free Throws Underhand From his Father

Canyon Barry of the Florida Gators shoots a free throw. (Getty)

With his father coining the infamous underhanded shooting style professionally, it was a no-brainer for Canyon to adopt it.

As a team during the 2016-17 season, the Gators have a 72.5 percent free-throw percentage, ranked a dismal 99th in the nation. But Canyon has done his part to improve that.

Earlier this season, he made 42-straight free throws — a Florida record — and he’s currently shooting 88 percent from the line.

Rick learned how to shoot underhanded from his dad and taught all of his own kids the style. But Canyon was the only one who ultimately decided to stick with it. He made it permanent when he was a junior at Cheyenne Mountain High School in Colorado.

It worked well for Canyon and kept with it when he went to college.

In an interview with The Miami Herald, Rick said he got picked on a lot for shooting free throws that way, but he didn’t mind. He said he’d rather have a better chance at making the shot.

When I was a kid, underhanded is how girls shot, so I did endure a lot of teasing, but it’s different now. Free throws are the only part of basketball where you can be completely selfish and help your team. Why wouldn’t you want to shoot at the highest percentage possible? Why would you rather people make fun of you for being a poor free-throw shooter? Why would you want to be such a liability at the end of the game that coaches take you out? I don’t understand it.

The same applied to Canyon when he first came around to the style. He told The Miami Herald about how he got ripped on by opposing fans at games constantly.

I think the funniest time was in high school. I missed a free throw and they started shouting, ‘You’re a-dop-ted! You’re a-dop-ted!” That was actually a pretty funny one. I have to give them some credit for that. I think that’s part of the fun.

Luke Murray, Bill’s Son: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Xavier University assistant coach Luke Murray has a familiar face in the stands during games: his father Bill Murray.

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2. Canyon Transferred to Florida from Charleston

Canyon Barry when he played for the College of Charleston Cougars. (Getty)

With one year of collegiate eligibility left, Barry decided to transfer to Florida in May 2016.

Before that, he played three seasons for the College of Charleston, redshirting as a freshman.

In those three years, Barry averaged 12.8 points and shot 77 percent from the free-throw line. He took advantage of the NCAA’s transfer rule and headed to Gainesville to play for coach Mike White.

Barry said in a statement that he opted to suit up for the Gators because of White’s coaching style.

I really like Coach White, his integrity, his honesty with me, and his style of play. He and I both feel that I can make an immediate contribution on the court and help the team chase the goals of winning an SEC Championship and getting to the NCAA tournament next season.

Roosevelt Barnes: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Purdue's Caleb Swanigan was homeless with nowhere to turn. That's when Roosevelt Barnes, a former NFL player, took him in. He is the legal guardian of Swanigan.

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3. Canyon Is the Youngest of Rick’s 6 Kids

Canyon Barry of the Florida Gators (Getty)

If his family’s extensive background in basketball is any indication, Canyon has a lot to live up to.

Rick has four sons — all basketball players — with his first wife, Pam (Scooter, Jon, Brent and Drew), and a daughter (Shannon). Canyon is the son of Lynn Barry, Rick’s third wife.

Scooter won an NCAA championship when he played for Kansas (1998) and went on to have a long career playing overseas. Jon was drafted to the NBA out of UCLA and played for a slew of NBA teams, including the Milwaukee Bucks, Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers. He’s now a TV analyst for ESPN and ABC.

Brent found success in the NBA, too. He went to Oregon State and was drafted 15th overall in the 1995 NBA Draft. He played many teams in the league, including the Los Angeles Clippers, Seattle SuperSonics and winning two championships with the San Antonio Spurs.

Drew went to Georgia Tech and was selected by the Seattle SuperSonics. He spent time in the league with various teams and also overseas.

March Madness 2018: Dates & Locations

The 2018 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament begins March 13, 2018 with the Final Four slated for April 2 in San Antonio, Texas. See all the other sites and dates.

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4. Canyon Is Studying Nuclear Engineering at Florida

Canyon Barry of the Florida Gators shoots the ball against the Vanderbilt Commodores. (Getty)

Another reason why Barry chose to transfer to Florida was because of academics.

At Cheyenne Mountain, he was the valedictorian of his graduating class and continued that path at Charleston. When made the decision to transfer, the physics major had a 4.0 grade-point average.

Barry’s a two-time Academic All-American and was named to the Colonial Athletic Association’s All-Academic Team each of the three seasons. He graduated from the school and is currently attending graduate school at Florida for nuclear engineering.

He said in an interview that academic studies are something that are extremely important to him.

I transferred partly for basketball reasons and a lot for academic reasons. I have a big test Monday. We’ll see how that goes, but I am more focused on the game right now,” Barry said after the Gators’ workout Thursday at Madison Square Garden.

Brooke Copeland, Justin Jackson’s Girlfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

North Carolina junior Justin Jackson has led the Tar Heels to another NCAA Tournament berth. He'll be joined in the stadium by his girlfriend, Brooke Copeland.

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5. His Mother Played Basketball at William & Mary

Canyon Barry of the Florida Gators (Getty)

The basketball roots in the Barry family don’t end with Rick and his sons. His third wife, Lynn Norenberg-Barry was the assistant executive director of USA Women’s Basketball and also a former adviser for the WNBA.

She played basketball for the College of William and Mary from 1977-1981 and is regarded as one of the best women’s basketball players in program history. She was the all-time leading scorer and holds 10 other records. Because of her success on the court and in the classroom, she was a two-time Academic All-American.

Norenberg had her No. 22 jersey retired by the school in 2002 and a special dinner was held in her honor.

Michigan Wolverines Plane Crash: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The Michigan Wolverines' team plane skidded off the runway at over 100 MPH on its way to a game in early March.

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The 3 Best 70 Inch Televisions That Money Can Buy
Source:  VicksWeb News
Friday, 24 March 2017 14:27

Let’s face it, television is better than ever. Whether it’s March Madness or Game of Thrones, a new HDTV is never out of place. Fortunately for you, …

Joy-Anna Duggar Called ‘Tacky’ After Adding Gift Cards To Wedding Registry
Source:  inquisitr
Friday, 24 March 2017 14:27

Joy-Anna Duggar Called 'Tacky' After Adding Gift Cards To Wedding Registry

Joy-Anna Duggar is engaged to to Austin Forsyth. The two are busy planning their wedding and doing everything that entails. Duggar has known her soon-to-be husband for several years now. The couple began courting last fall and the engagement came just a few weeks ago. Forsyth approached Jim Bob Duggar to ask his permission to propose to Joy-Anna and rumor is it was a little awkward. Obviously, he granted Austin the permission and now the Duggars and Forsyths are in full wedding planning mode.

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