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18 Stocks Moving In Friday's Pre-Market Session
Source:  Benzinga
Friday, 20 January 2017 08:18


  • Aralez Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: ARLZ) shares rose 7.6 percent to $4.37 in pre-market trading after declining 3.79 percent on Thursday.

Naked Chelsea Handler Picture Surfaced On The Internet With Her Hands On Private Parts
Source:  inquisitr
Friday, 20 January 2017 08:17

Naked Chelsea Handler picture surfaced the internet

Chelsea Handler has made a sensational allegation that the Kardashians are to blame for the election of Donald Trump. This was in an interview she did for Variety magazine where she also reflected candidly on her Netflix show, Chelsea, which just wrapped up its first season. In the interview, the comedian did not hide her dislike for Trump. And she heaped as much blame on mainstream media as on the Kardashian clan.

“They were treating [Trump] as an entertainer first. It was a reality show. We’ve turned into a reality show. I blame the Kardashians, personally; the beginning of the end was the Kardashians. The way these people have blown up and don’t go away — it’s surreal. Everyone is for sale,” lamented Chelsea.

Naked Chelsea Handler picture surfaced the internet
[Image by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]

Baring all: Naked Chelsea Handler picture surfaced the internet

Her critics were, however, quick to note that she has demonstrated similar behavior to Kardashians. In one piece that was highly critical of her, the writer even decided to depict her in a Kim Kardashian mode! And soon enough a naked Chelsea Handler picture surfaced on the internet

Happy Birthday @reesewitherspoon

A photo posted by Chelsea Handler (@chelseahandler) on

The writer, Matt Ralston, then proceeded to berate Chelsea and her Netflix show.

“Handler was paid around $10 million to produce the first series of meandering investigative pieces which uncovered less than you can find on any Wiki page. It only took her six years,” Ralston wrote.

The naked Chelsea Handler picture that surfaced on the internet initially appeared on the comedienne’s Instagram and had been directed at Reese Witherspoon who she was wishing a happy 40th birthday. This was not the first time that Chelsea had bared all as she had previously appeared topless only for social media platforms to remove the pictures.

Naked Chelsea Handler picture surfaced the internet
[Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

Size matters on E!

Other than the selfie which depicts Chelsea in the same light as Kardashian, and which critics think makes Chelsea hypocritical, it is not lost on observers that Chelsea may have a bone to pick with the Kardashians. She has never liked the family and she is on record as saying that they made her leave the E! Network where the Kardashians are dominant. Keeping up with the Kardashians, for instance, airs on E! as does Caitlyn Jenner’s reality show. On a late night show interview with Jimmy Fallon, the comedienne said the reason for her show’s cancellation was because her posterior was not as big as that of other personalities on the network.

And besides what her critics are saying epitomizes the same behavior as the Kardashians, the anti-Chelsea camp has also pointed out that it is also hypocritical of her to accuse the mainstream media of giving Trump undue coverage in the run-up to and after the 2016 presidential election. This is because she also covered him relentlessly during the campaign season.

Poor restaurant rating

During the Variety interview, the comedienne also revealed that she has no plans to invite Donald Trump to her show as long as she has absolute say over it. She also revealed that the two once met at a restaurant in Los Angeles but she didn’t like him even then.

The comedienne also dissed the real estate tycoon by saying there’s a toddler in the white house. She also called him out for having complained to Vanity Fair over the fact that the publication had reviewed his restaurant poorly. Chelsea said the restaurant was a piece of garbage and likened it to an airport lounge belonging to Southwest Airlines.

As for hopes that Trump’s daughter Ivanka would help champion women’s rights since she has her father’s ear, Chelsea said it was not going to happen since according to her, the Trump children fear their father and would not stand up to him.

Sundance Film Festival Women’s March

As part of her efforts to stand up against Trump, the comedian is planning on leading a Women’s March on January 21 at the Sundance Film Festival.

Writing in her Hollywood Reporter column recently, she pleaded with both men and women to join her in Park City, Utah for the Women’s March.

[Featured Image by Theo Wargo /Getty Images]

Naked Chelsea Handler Picture Surfaced On The Internet With Her Hands On Private Parts is an article from: The Inquisitr News

Suffering from sneezing? 4 cleaning tips to help fight allergies
Source:  Newsvine
Friday, 20 January 2017 08:16

Cuba Gooding Jr. files for divorce from wife Sara Kapfer
Source:  UPI
Friday, 20 January 2017 08:16

Wade Sheridan
Jan. 20 (UPI) -- Cuba Gooding Jr. has filed for divorce from wife Sara Kapfer after more than 20 years of marriage.

Will President Obama’s clean energy legacy endure?
Source:  Raw Story
Friday, 20 January 2017 08:15

By Mark Barteau, Director, University of Michigan Energy Institute, University of Michigan. Obama has prioritized development of wind and solar in a number of ways, including installation on military bases. AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster In the closing days of President Obama’s second term, he and leaders ...

Donald Trump has filled only 30 of the 660 vacancies in his administration
Source:  The Week
Friday, 20 January 2017 08:15

On Friday, after President-elect Donald Trump is sworn in, the Senate is expected to confirm his picks for defense secretary, retired Gen. James Mattis, and homeland security secretary, retired Gen. John Kelly, plus maybe designated CIA director, Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.), but the other nominees will have to wait. Those won't be the only holes in the new Trump administration, however. Trump has named only 30 of his roughly 660 executive office appointees, according to the Partnership for Public Service, putting him far behind recent incoming presidents.

To keep the government running, the Trump transition team said Thursday it will keep on 50 essential national security and State Department officials appointed by Obama until their replacements are in place. Included in the list is Thomas A. Shannon Jr., who will be acting secretary of state.

There are a few big reasons Trump is so far behind in staffing his administration, The New York Times says, including his decision to remove New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) as his transition chief 10 weeks ago and disregarding the detailed plan Christie put in place to fill in top and midlevel positions. The other reason, The Times reports:

Since his election on Nov. 8, Mr. Trump has had little interest in the minutiae of his transition, saying it was "bad karma" to get too involved, according to a person who spoke with him at the time. At one point, he wanted to halt the planning altogether, out of superstition, the person said. [The New York Times]

"In 21 years of covering the State Department and in eight years of serving there, I've seen rocky transitions and experienced what feels like a hostile takeover," Strobe Talbott, president of the Brookings Institution and a former journalist and Bill Clinton administration official, tells The New York Times, "but I've never seen anything like this."

Pulisic back in Bundesliga action and more in Americans Abroad action this weekend
Source: News - English - America
Friday, 20 January 2017 08:15

Goal brings you a look at the big storylines for Americans plying their trade outside of MLS.

Crowds swarm National Mall to watch Trump make history
Source:  New York Post
Friday, 20 January 2017 08:14

Americans eager to see Donald Trump take the oath of office as the nation’s 45th president started to wend their way through downtown Washington, DC, and onto the National Mall before dawn Friday. “It all begins today! I will see you at 11:00 A.M. for the swearing-in. THE MOVEMENT CONTINUES – THE WORK BEGINS!” Trump...

Watch live: Donald Trump becomes 45th president on Inauguration Day
Source:  UPI
Friday, 20 January 2017 08:13

Eric DuVall
Jan. 20 (UPI) -- By noon Friday, Donald John Trump will be sworn in, becoming the 45th president of the United States.

WATCH: Joe Piscopo channels Sinatra, sings about N.J. at inaugural gala
Source:  Raw Story
Friday, 20 January 2017 08:13

WASHINGTON — Joe Piscopo resurrected his famed Frank Sinatra impersonation at a D.C. hotel Thursday night. Well, kind of. The comedian, who rose to fame portraying the Hoboken-born legend on “Saturday Night Live,” didn’t don a gray wig or anything. Nor did he sing the origina...

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