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Video reimagines 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' as an action blockbuster
Source:  Newsvine
Saturday, 25 February 2017 02:37

Source:  Syndicated News
Saturday, 25 February 2017 02:34

GUATEMALA CITY — The U.S. government will seek the extradition of former Guatemalan Vice-President Roxana Baldetti and ex-Interior Minister Hector Mauricio Lopez Bonilla on drug trafficking charges, the embassy said in a statement Friday. Baldetti and Lopez Bonilla were indicted in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia on Wednesday, according to the […]

Fri Feb 24 '17 Announcement from A10 - Ballerina Manikin
Source:  Indiegogo: Announcements
Saturday, 25 February 2017 02:34

YOU MADE IT HAPPEN!! Thank you everyone. Ballerina has reached her goal! Goodness, this is so exciting. I've already put in the word with one of our tooling engineers and given the green light to produce our next mold.  I know, I know.. a lot can happen in four days but I'm optimistic we'll maintain if not exceed by the time the campaign ends (knocking on 3d printed wood).

I'm so excited to show you progress images as Ballerina materializes into her finished state. 

If your school is having a "Lunch with a Cop" day then you might just want to leave your airsoft gun and pot at home [Obvious]
Source:  Fark
Saturday, 25 February 2017 02:34

Obvious [link] [5 comments]

The Catalyst Fund Continues To Decline
Source:  Forbes Real Time
Saturday, 25 February 2017 02:34

Past Performance is not guarantee of future returns is not mere boilerplate and the struggles of the Catalyst Fund (HFXAX) highlight that clearly.

‘Hacksaw Ridge’ Earns Mel Gibson First Oscar Nod In 21 Years – Still Too Soon?
Source:  inquisitr
Saturday, 25 February 2017 02:33

Hacksaw Ridge, Mel Gibson

After having been exiled from the spotlight for over two decades, it seems Mel Gibson is back in Hollywood’s good graces with an Oscar nomination for his work on Hacksaw Ridge as proof. While that would indicate all has been forgiven, the media response to Gibson’s nomination also suggests that all has not been forgotten. Gibson was at the top of his game, when a series of outbursts, both verbal and physical, dominated the headlines and threatened to wash Mel up once and for all, but the actor persevered and he now shares how hard work and dedication helped him get back what he had lost. Yet, some say it’s still too soon and Mr. Gibson should still be paying for his past acts, instead of being honored at the Academy Awards with an Oscar nomination for Hacksaw Ridge.

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Crowe's latest shot at Clooney a little dated
Source:  Newsvine
Saturday, 25 February 2017 02:31

Vanessa Hudgens Rocks Short Bob And Bangs, ‘Zanessa’ Fans Giddy At ‘HSM 4’
Source:  inquisitr
Saturday, 25 February 2017 02:30

Vanessa Hudgens Zac Efron High School Musical 4

Vanessa Hudgens is almost unrecognizable with her new hairdo, according to Teen Vogue magazine.

The actress, who is known for changing her hairstyle as often as she changes her outfits, debuted her latest hairstyle in an Instagram post a few days ago. The photo, taken in front of a neon sign reading “psychic” was captioned simply “Curious & curiouser,” and showed the High School Musical actress rocking a curled-under bob complete with bangs.

Curious & curiouser

A post shared by Vanessa Hudgens (@vanessahudgens) on

Teen Vogue admitted that Vanessa Hudgens is no stranger to playing with wigs and hair extensions, so the latest hairdo may end up being simply another one-day fad, or maybe the actress will consider keeping her hair that way, as it certainly suits her.

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Llorente wants to star against Chelsea, says Swansea boss Clement
Source: News - English - America
Saturday, 25 February 2017 02:29

After being linked with a move to Stamford Bridge during the January transfer window, the Spain international is eager to make his mark on Saturday

BLOCKED FROM OSCARS Syrian film worker can't enter US for award show
Source:  FOXNews
Saturday, 25 February 2017 02:26

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